Melanoma mole: Having more moles on the skin can be a sign of cancer, know how to test

Melanoma mole

Mole on Skin: Some moles that develop on the skin can be a sign of cancer, so any kind of change in moles should immediately contact the doctor.

Having moles on the body is considered a sign of beauty and it can be on any part of the body. Some types of moles are present in the child from birth, while some become visible as adults. Some people may have black moles and others may have brown-colored moles with different shapes. Not only this, some people also develop blue-colored moles on the body. Having moles on the skin is generally considered normal and very few people get them tested. 

But it is very important to get every mole on the body checked. Some studies have been done on sesame seeds, in which it has been told that mole can also cause cancer. However, it is not that every mole that develops on the skin indicates cancer, But some of these moles can later grow into cancerous conditions and this type of mole is called melanoma mole. Let us know what is the relation between sesame and cancer –

Mole can be cancerous

Actually, the cause of cancer is not a mole, but a mole is just a sign. When there is some kind of disturbance in the DNA of skin cells, due to this the cells start growing abnormally. In such conditions, cancer cells initially appear like a mole and gradually increase in size.

More sesame increases the risk of cancer

Some studies were done on moles and it was found in them that if a person has more than 50 moles on his body, then he has an increased risk of getting skin cancer. At the same time, in another study done a few years ago, it was also told that more than 100 moles on the skin increase the risk of skin cancer by 5 times.

How to prevent

Some moles are present from birth while some develop later, but the reason behind them is not yet known and hence prevention is not possible. However, they can prevent the development of cancer. If you have many moles on your body, then keep checking them regularly and contact the doctor immediately if there is any change. However, there are also some risk factors of mole, which can be avoided to some extent to reduce the risk of developing mole. These include the following –

  • Avoid direct exposure to sunlight and use an umbrella for that
  • use a good quality sunscreen
  • Keep checking with your skin doctor from time to time

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