Multisystem inflammatory syndrome: The risk of this syndrome is increasing in children due to corona, know what it is

Multisystem inflammatory syndrome

Covid-19 in children: Due to corona, children are facing the problem of Multi-System Inflammatory Syndrome, in which many of their organs get swollen.

Seeing the decrease in corona cases in India, schools were opened and now cases of corona are coming out from schools themselves. Yes, in the last one week, children have been found to be Corona positive (covid-19 in kids) in many schools in different cities of India. Looking at the situation, it can be guessed that the situation may become serious in the future. 

Now, according to a news published in Science Daily, the increase of corona in children can make them a victim of a new problem. In fact, Science Daily, while talking about a study done by the JAMA Pediatrics study, has said that the risk of the multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children is increasing due to corona. In this syndrome, many parts of the body of children are affected and sometimes it goes undetected for a long time. Apart from this, many types of symptoms are seen in children due to this syndrome,

Children are getting multi-system inflammatory syndrome due to corona

Multi-System Inflammatory Syndrome is a rare syndrome that usually doesn’t catch on quickly. Actually, Multi System Inflammatory Syndrome starts when the corona infection starts to heal. That’s why it can usually be too late to recognize it. 

It happens that after having corona, an antibody against corona develops in children, due to which allergic reactions start in the internal organs of the body. In such a situation, the child’s immune system is unable to fight it and becomes vulnerable to it. Due to this gradually swelling starts in many parts of the body.

Symptoms of Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome

Symptoms of Multi-System Inflammatory Syndrome can be different in different children. However, usually, some symptoms are seen in general in this. such as

– persistent fever,

-red eyes

– skin rashes

-low bp

– swelling

-pale and sometimes blue lips

– difficulty in breathing

Too much lethargy in children

Apart from this, if the infection is severe and has been for a long time, then this syndrome can also be very serious. In which there is blood clotting in the body, severe chest pain, rapid heartbeat, cardiac arrest, and sometimes multi-organ failure can occur in children. In such a situation, doctors and experts say that even if your children have corona, then even after recovery, keep an eye on their health. 

Pay special attention to their body changes and see your doctor as soon as you notice any of these symptoms. Apart from this, keep your children safe from the corona. Try to first get them vaccinated against corona and then pay special attention to following Kovid rules to prevent corona.

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