Now 5 injections will not have to be done on animal bites! This vaccine of Cadila will do all the work in just three doses

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Till now, 5 doses of all rabies vaccines were administered, for which you had to visit the doctor for 28 days so that the risk was reduced. But now work will be done in only three doses.

Cadila Pharma, one of the largest pharma companies, has claimed to have made the world’s first such vaccine, which will protect you against rabies in just three doses. The name of this three-dose vaccine is ‘ThRabis’, which is a G protein nanoparticle vaccine and has been prepared using virus-like particle technology. The specialty of this vaccine is that its three doses can be applied within just a week.

So far it takes 5 doses

The company has said in a statement that this new vaccine can prove to be a game-changer because till now all rabies vaccines were administered 5 doses, for which you had to visit the doctor for 28 days to reduce the risk.

Problems increase due to not completing the course

Cadila Pharma CMD Rajiv Modi says that people suffering from animal bites are never able to complete the full course of the vaccine because the entire dosage schedule is long and a bit complicated. Because of this many people find themselves vulnerable and they are also prone to rabies, which is a fatal condition. This three-dose new vaccine can help to a great extent in protecting you.

59 thousand people die every year

It is believed that rabies kills more than 59,000 people worldwide every year, especially in Asia and Africa. In India alone, more than 20 thousand people die because people suffering from animal bites are never able to complete the course of the vaccine.

1.5 crore people are troubled every year

According to the share data by the company, about 15 million people are troubled by the problem of animal bites, of which dogs are the victims. This figure is for India only. A survey has revealed that only 30 lakh people out of these 1.5 crore people go to the doctor and get the vaccine for rabies.

Although 30 percent of the victims miss the fourth dose of the vaccine, about 40 percent of the people miss the last dose of the vaccine, which increases the risk of rabies infection.

It took 12 years to make a vaccine

The company says that it took 12 years to make this three-dose vaccine and this vaccine has been found to be absolutely safe in clinical trials. This vaccine has been approved by the Drugs Controller General of India.

The vaccine will be launched in 11 states

In the first phase, this vaccine will be launched in 11 states including Gujarat. Company officials will be meeting about 6,000 doctors in these states as part of their awareness campaign.

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