Do Not Throw Away, Keep the Peels of Fruits and Vegetables, Will Be Beneficial for Skin-Hair

Along with fruits, their peels are also very beneficial for us. Fruit peels are used to make the skin glowing and hair healthy.

Peels of Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits are considered a treasure of health. Consuming fruits regularly can help protect against many health problems. Fruits are not only a treasure of health, but along with this, the peels of fruits are also very beneficial for us. 

It is generally seen that people are adept at eating fruits in Indian homes but throw away their peel. But if the peels of the fruit are used properly, they not only make the hair healthy but also prove to be helpful in making the skin glowing. 

So let us tell you today how and which fruit peels can be used to make hair and skin healthy, beyond which even creams and products worth thousands of rupees will fade away.

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1. Mango Peel for Face Pack

Summer is going on these days. You will find mangoes everywhere in the summer season. Most people eat mangoes but throw away the peel. Mango peels can prove to be very helpful in beautifying our faces. 

People who have problems like acne, or wrinkles, can make a paste by grinding mango peels and applying it to the face. Apart from this, mango peels can also be kept dry.

Make a powder by drying mango peels. Make a face pack by mixing a little gram flour and rose water in this powder and use it. If you want, you can also make a paste of mango peels by adding raw milk instead of roses.

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2. Papaya Peel for Glowing Skin

Papaya is considered very beneficial for digestion. Papaya peels prove to be helpful in getting rid of basic skin problems (tanning, dryness, access oil). You dry the peel of papaya and put it in a mixer or mortar and grind it. 

While making papaya peel powder, keep in mind that it is finely ground. If there are some rough parts left in it, remove them. If you want, you can separate the powder by filtering it with the help of a sieve.

Mix 2 teaspoons of papaya peel powder with a little glycerin or rose water and apply as a face pack. After the pack dries, wash the face with normal water. While applying the papaya peel face pack, keep in mind that never wash the face with hot water.

3. Litchi Peel for Face Scrub

You can use the peels of litchi, which are sour-sweet in the food, like a scrub. Most lychee peels are hard, so they take less time to dry. After drying the litchi peel, grind it a little coarsely. Mix 1 teaspoon baking soda, and 1 teaspoon lemon juice in this powder and use it as a scrub on the face. 

If you want, you can also use a scrub made from litchi peels on the neck, elbows, and knees. You will see the effect of a scrub made from litchi peels in a few days and the dead cells will end from your skin.

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4. Make Hair Mask With Sweet Potato Peel

People who have hair fall problems are advised to eat sweet potatoes. To get rid of the problem of hair fall, you can not only use sweet potatoes in food but as well as make a mask for hair with its peel. After removing the peel of the sweet potato, mix the egg whites well in it. 

Apply this paste to the hair. When the paste dries well, wash the hair with normal water. If you want, you can dry the powder of sweet potato peel and keep it as a powder. While drying the peel of sweet potato, be careful not to dry it in strong sunlight. 

If you dry the peels of sweet potatoes in strong sunlight, then the nutrients present in them will be lost. Vitamin A present in sweet potato peels promotes hair growth. 

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