In summer, when there is a problem of heat rash, try these 2 natural things for relief, will also get rid of itching and burning

heat rash

Read about what measures can be taken to get relief from the problem of prickly heat in summer here. (Prickly Heat Home Remedies)

Prickly Heat Home Remedies: Talking about skin problems in summer, the name heat rash comes first in the mind. The problem of prickly heat becomes serious after coming in contact with the scorching summer sun. Along with this, there is itching and severe burning in them. Everyone feels this problem, but the problem of heat rash is seen more in people who stay in the sun for a long time and especially in children. 

When children suffer from prickly heat, they get irritated with itching and irritation. Read about what measures can be taken to get relief from this problem of summer here. (Prickly Heat Home Remedies In Hindi)

Why do pimples happen?

Prickly heat rash is small red bumps on the body in which burning and itching are also felt. In the summer season, due to the hot sun and humidity, sweating becomes more. This clogs the skin pores. The accumulation of sweat, sebum, dirt, and dust in the pores leads to problems like prickly heat, boils, and pimples. 

Prickly heat usually occurs on the back part of the neck, back, waist and shoulders. Pimples are usually not serious and get better within a few days or weeks. However, heatstroke can cause a lot of discomforts.

Follow these natural remedies to get relief from prickly heat

Add neem leaves to the bathwater

Neem can be used to keep the skin healthy in summer. The anti-bacterial elements present in neem eliminate the bacteria sitting on the skin, thereby, providing relief from boils and pimples. To get relief from prickly heat, you can use neem in these ways-

  1. Take a bath by adding neem leaves to the bathwater in the morning and evening.
  2. Similarly, boil neem leaves in some water. Then add this water to the bathwater. There will be relief from heatstroke.
  3. Grind neem leaves or neem bark with a little water and apply it on prickly heat. Take a bath after half an hour.

Aloe vera gel

Aloe vera provides relief from skin irritation by cooling the skin in summer. Similarly, massage the skin with aloe vera gel to get relief from the burning and itching of prickly heat.

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