How to strengthen the relationship with the adopted child? These 3 tips will work for you and will make your relationship strong

adopted child

Relationship tips for an adopted child in English: If you have also adopted a child, who is older, then you can make the connection strong with him in these ways.

Relationship tips for an adopted child in English: Be it any country in the world but the feelings remain the same and if it is about adopting someone else’s child, it is always difficult to call other children as your blood or your own. In this situation, the problem is for both, whether it is the parent or the child. If you start raising a child from birth, you may have a connection, but it is always difficult to accept an older child and establish a connection with him. If you have also adopted a child who is older, then you can strengthen the connection with him in these ways. Let us know which are these 3 tips.

1-Start like this

If your stepchild or adopted child goes to school, there are a few ways to start your connection with them before the start of the new school year, such as shopping for new clothes, pencil boxes, or stationery items. Huh. Apart from this, by going to the mall or planning a fun trip, you can also start making the relationship sweet. Apart from this, if you are going or coming somewhere, then eating and feeding your favorite ice cream can make your relationship stronger.

2- Tell them the story while sleeping

It is common that children who are adopted often take some time to believe in you, but you have to find a way how to reduce that time. No matter how you started the day, at the end of the day, be with them and try to tell them the story at bedtime. If possible, ask them to read a song or story with you. This will help in making the relationship between you two sweeter, if you do this regularly you will find yourself closer to them.

3-Ask them to be friends

When you adopt a child, as a parent, you should ask them to make new friends. To make the new home safe and comfortable for them, you need to motivate them to build a lot of relationships. Making friends of your age builds trust in friendship and makes children feel more secure. Having friends of their age makes kids happy and laugh, without any pressure, which helps them to be more comfortable.

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