Save Electricity? Then Turn Off These Devices During Your Holiday

Do you know which devices you can or cannot turn off?

Want to get through the summer cheaply? Then you can book a  last-minute holiday. Or maybe you choose a campsite instead of a hotel. But there is also another way to save money smartly. For example, turn off your devices at home, so that you prevent unnecessary consumption. We tip which devices you can and especially cannot turn off.

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Life is expensive enough already. And when we are on vacation for a while, we prefer not to think about the electricity bill at the end of the month. Anyway: when you’re on vacation, your washing machine, dryer, refrigerator and microwave, for example, are still on. Is that wise? Website  MAX Today has listed which devices you can safely switch off during your holiday. They also explain which electronics are best left connected.

Plug Out

In any case, devices that are ‘off’ often still consume power. This is called ‘stand-by consumption’. That is why you now increasingly see sockets with a switch, for example. This way you can be really sure that the power is off. Another solution is to simply unplug the power cord. For example, you can consider this for these devices:

1. Fridge and Freezer: With smart planning, you can use up all your perishables before you travel. After that you can quietly switch off your refrigerator. Some refrigerators also have a holiday mode, which allows a built-in freezer to continue to work.

2. Washing Machine and Dryer:  as soon as you’ve done your last load of laundry before your holiday, it’s time to unplug these plugs. That hurts again!

3. Water Heater:  you can also disconnect a water heater reasonably safely. MAX Today does warn  that legionella can arise as soon as the temperature falls below 60 degrees. And that means: When you get home, first warm up properly and let all taps run.


However, there are also several devices that you should leave turned on. That may cost some extra energy, but can prevent many problems.

1. Central Heating Boiler and Heat Pump: it may sound smart to switch these off during your holiday. But nothing is less true! Switching off your boiler can cause all kinds of problems. From mold to frozen pipes: the risk is not worth the euros you save.

2. Router and Wi-Fi Point:  more and more people have smart devices at home. This way you don’t have to ask the neighbor every day to close the curtains and turn on the lights, but your house can arrange that ‘itself’. Very handy, but an internet connection is required for this.

3. Solar Panels: it is also best to leave the inverter of your solar panels on. After all, if you consume less than is generated, you supply power back to the electricity grid. This ultimately results in saving money.

This way you will leave the door well prepared and as cheaply as possible!

(Source: Max Today)

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