Follow these measures before sleeping for glowing skin, the skin will glow in summer, you will get a fresh look

Read here about some such tips that should be a part of your nighttime skincare routine in summer. (Nighttime skincare tips for summers)

skin care routine in summer

Nighttime skincare tips for summers: As the temperature changes, the needs of the skin also change. Whether it is winter or summer, the weather has an effect on the skin and people start feeling many problems related to the skin. Summer has started and people are afraid of heatstroke. At the same time, due to exposure to dust, smoke, pollution, and strong sunlight in summer, the chances of increasing skin problems also increase. The most common summer problems include sunburn, skin tanning, pimples, and skin irritation.

While you may have to take care of your skin throughout the day to keep the skin healthy and problem-free in summers, a good skincare routine before sleeping at night prepares the skin to face the humid and scorching sun weather. . Read here about some such tips that should be a part of your nighttime skincare routine in summers. (Nighttime skincare tips for summers in Hindi)

Follow these skincare tips on summer nights for healthy and glowing skin

change your face wash

According to experts, face wash and cleaning products should be used according to the season. In summer, since sweat and sebum are more formed, therefore, in such weather, a cleanser should be used which gently cleanses the skin in summer and keeps the skin soft by moisturizing it. Use this cleanser before sleeping at night and sleep only after cleaning the face thoroughly.

Take care of it according to skin type

The summer season can be more problematic for those who have oily skin types. Due to the build-up of oil or sebum in the skin of such people, they feel very sticky. Along with this, the problem of pimples, pimples can also increase. In summer, the skin of those with oily skin starts looking dull, due to which there is no glow on the skin. Such people should use a face wash or face cleanser containing ‘salicylic acid’.

Whereas, the skin of those with dry skin becomes red and rash due to exposure to sunlight. Such people should take care of its pH value while buying face wash. Cleanse your face with a cleanser with a low pH value. Whereas, a gel-based face wash can be used for combination skin and normal skin types.

clean makeup

Makeup enhances your beauty before going to the office or party, if it is not cleaned properly after returning home, then it can cause many types of skin problems. Makeup particles can hide in the skin pores and block them, which can increase the risk of boils, pimples, and infection in the skin. Similarly, makeup can also make the skin too dry after drying, which can increase the risk of wrinkles on the skin.


After all, this, massage the skin with a mild or less sticky moisturizer. Massage the face, hands, neck, palms, and feet thoroughly with the cream and leave it on overnight.

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