Skin icing: the new beauty trend to adopt?

Skin icing

On Tik Tok or Instagram, skin icing is attracting more and more people. But what is this latest trend that promises glowing skin and fewer wrinkles? Focus on skin icing and its benefits with Aline Foulet, founder of the Akane brand and an ice cube stick made in France.

Skin icing, what is it?

Recently, a new trend has emerged on social networks: skin icing, in French, “the icing of the skin”. Inspired by the benefits of cryotherapy for the body, this method consists of passing an ice cube over the face on cleansed skin before applying day or night care. The goal? Improve the quality of the skin and provide anti-aging care.

“We have all tried to put an ice cube on the face or on the pockets the day after the evening to wake up and deflate the face”, says Aline Foulet, founder of the Akane brand. To facilitate the application of the ice cube and make this gesture more pleasant, Aline Foulet has developed her stick in which you can put water and freeze it. After a night in the fridge, the ice cube stick is ready to use in the morning to obtain all the benefits of the cold before moving on to your beauty routine.

What benefits?

“The benefits of cold on the body is something that has been known for years. This was revealed to the general public in the 1970s by a Japanese professor who highlighted the virtues of cryotherapy in the fight against rheumatism and again popularized it with much colder temperatures, indicates Aline Foulet. This practice, famous in the Scandinavian countries, arrived little by little in the Western countries and today conquers more and more followers.

The expert identifies three main benefits of cold on the face: “cold activates microcirculation and will therefore help to fight against sagging skin, it will also circulate the lymph and therefore have a decongestant effect. And finally, it will tighten the pores and decrease the production of sebum”. In summary, regardless of your age or your skin type, the cold is your natural beauty ally that should not be overlooked.

How often to practice skin icing?

In the morning before starting the day or in the evening to end with a moment of relaxation for yourself, skin-icing is a practice to adopt according to your desires. “We can do it every day or only 2 to 3 times a week”, specifies Aline Foulet. “There really isn’t a frequency to stick to.”

For the cosmetics specialist, it should be remembered that this practice is “like a sports practice”. She explains: “To see the benefits of sport, you have to do it regularly and skin-icing is the same principle. Immediately, you have an observable effect which is rosy skin. But if you do it regularly, by activating the blood circulation and the lymph, you will have benefits as there are lots of muscles under the face, it will help to firm them up and give a younger skin appearance”.

Skin icing: are there any contraindications?

According to Aline Foulet, there are no real contraindications, only a few recommendations to follow. “It is absolutely necessary to pass the ice cube under tap water to prevent it from sticking to the skin, she advises. The cold from the raw ice cube can stick to the skin and cause irritation if it is not passed underwater upstream.

If you have sensitive skin and the idea of ​​putting an ice cube directly on your skin scares you, there is a solution: “to prevent the skin from coming into direct contact with the ice cube, you can put a cloth over the ice cube. and thus pass the stick on the skin without fear”, she recommends. To avoid having dry skin after application, follow this step with your usual face routine with your moisturizer. See also

The different ice cube recipes to adopt skin icing at home

If you want to combine business with pleasure, it is possible to add beauty ingredients to your ice cubes. Thus, in one pass your skin receives the care it needs.

  • For dry, dehydrated skin: “Just put oat milk in the stick and freeze it. Oat milk has emollient and soothing properties”;
  • To give a boost or tighten pores: “You can freeze slices of cucumber or mix a cucumber to collect the juice and freeze it”. Cucumber is known to give a more radiant complexion and purify oily skin ;
  • To refresh the complexion and remove dark circles and puffiness: “ Freeze two bags of green tea and you get an ice cube that offers a 2-in-1 action: decongestant and soothing when passed over dark circles”.
  • To soothe hot strokes or sunburns: “Freeze aloe vera juice to obtain an ice cube that offers a moisturizing and soothing side”. Aloe vera is a beauty ingredient known to soothe the skin in case of irritation or high heat.
  • To obtain a beautifully luminous complexion: “I recommend adding radiance care lotion or simply floral water with a little water to make an ice cube filled with active ingredients and obtain a beautiful, toned and radiant skin effect”.

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