Excess to mouth ulcers in children can be a symptom of increased bile, know its causes, symptoms, and remedies

Symptoms of increased bile in children

Bile desire to grow: The pitta dosha that our children are eating nowadays is actually imbalanced. Because of this, they have many types of problems.

Three things are very important in Ayurveda. The first is Vata, the second is Pitta and the third is Kapha. All three are very important to stay healthy and an imbalance of any one of them can make you sick. The growth or occurrence of these three effects even in children. For example, if we talk about the increase of pitta dosha only, then it causes many problems in children. Due to its increase, children become very angry nature. Apart from this, many symptoms are seen in children too. But have you ever wondered what are the reasons for this (pitta dosha causes)? Actually, the biggest reason for increasing pitta is eating spicy and spicy foods. Apart from this, not eating food at the right time by children, lack of water, excessive consumption of processed foods and drinking coke, etc. increases pitta dosha in children.

Symptoms of increased bile in children – Bile desire to grow

1. Frequent mouth ulcers

Due to the increase in bile, many problems increase in children and one of which is more ulcers in the mouth. Actually, due to the increase of bile, the heat of the stomach increases and due to this, there are ulcers in the mouth. Therefore, if your children have frequent mouth ulcers, then their bile may increase.

2. Pain in legs

A major cause of pain in children’s legs can be the aggravation of pitta dosha. Actually, it actually causes muscle strain and irritation and children do not understand it and tell that there is a pain in the legs. Basically, it can be due to aggravated Bile dosha.

3. Get angry

You must have wondered many times why my child is so angry. Basically, it can be due to aggravated Pitta dosha. It happens that increasing pitta increases the heat of the body and increases anger and irritation. That’s how it bothers you.

4. Less and pale urine

If your children urinate less, it means that there is more bile in their bodies and they are drinking less water. Apart from this, due to an increase in pitta dosha, the color of your urine also becomes yellow. In such a situation, you should ask your children to drink more and more water and drink cold things.

5. Light yellow color of the eyes

If the color of the eyes of your children is light-yellow, then understand that pitta is increasing in them. In fact, when the pitta dosha increases, it becomes visible through the eyes and skin. In this, you can also find that the color of your child’s skin becomes darker.

Remedy to reduce bile in children

If we talk about the measures to reduce pitta dosha in children, then, first of all, get them to reduce the consumption of hot things. Then ask them to drink more and more water and feed them cold things. Like curd, buttermilk and sugar candy water, etc. Apart from this, ask them to exercise so that the body heat is reduced and it does not come out as anger.

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