Tiger Balm for Your Muscles? You Can Do This Even More With It

You Can Use the Ointment for Many More Things

Most people still know it from the past, but in recent years this miraculous ointment has increasingly been forgotten: tiger balm. The remedy from China is almost a century and a half old; it was invented in 1870 by Chinese herbalist Aw Chu Kin.

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1. Heat Sensation

When applying the ointment, a heat sensation is created, which is very nice if you suffer from stiff or painful muscles and joints. The heat gives the muscles the chance to relax, after which the pain decreases. But the beneficial ointment not only offers relief for sore muscles: the ointment can also be used very well for other purposes.

2. Bad Odors

If you smell a bit like sweat or other unpleasant odors and you don’t have deodorant or a perfume bottle at hand, it can help to rub a little tiger balm on the places where the skin smells. The menthol scent of the tiger balm will neutralize the bad smells.

3. Paint Stains on Your Hands

If you get some paint splashes on your hands or other body parts after painting, you can easily wipe it off with a dry cloth. Lubricate the stains with a little tiger balm and wipe it off with the cloth.

4. Pests

If you have places in your home where a lot of vermin and insects come, it may be advisable to put a little tiger balm on the places where the vermin or insects come through. The smell of the tiger balm ensures that vermin and insects are deterred.

5. Sore Throat

Do you feel a sore throat coming on? Then it can really help to put a little tiger balm on your neck. In this way, the pain is somewhat less. You will notice that doing this will also help you breathe a little better, which also brings us to the next point.

6. Stuffy Nose

Do you have a bad cold and are your nose and sinuses completely clogged? Then it can be nice to smear a little tiger balm under your nostrils. The menthol in the ointment allows you to breathe through your nose again. Don’t put it on mucous membranes in your nose because they can irritate.

7. Headache

Even if you suffer from headaches, it can be beneficial to rub some tiger balm on your temples. Gently massage in with your fingertips. Be careful with sensitive skin!

8. Musty Clothes

If you haven’t worn your clothes for a long time, it may well start to smell a bit musty. It can be very helpful to keep an open jar of tiger balm in your cupboard. If you do not like a specific menthol scent, we cannot recommend it.

9. Mosquito Bites

Stung by a mosquito? Very annoying, especially when the maddening itch is involved. Tiger balm on the mosquito bite can make the itch disappear like snow in the sun.

10. Diarrhea or Constipation

Can’t go to the toilet or maybe a little too well? Then smear some tiger balm around your navel and cover the rubbed area with the palm of your hand for a few minutes. You will immediately notice relief.

11. Remove Stickers and Chewing Gum

Both stickers and chewing gum are extremely difficult to remove. Fortunately, the ointment can offer the solution: spread some balm on the sticker or chewing gum residue, then wait a while and you will see that you can remove the residue in no time.

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