Causes of brain stroke: These 10 reasons can be behind brain stroke, learn prevention measures from experts

Causes of brain stroke

Causes of brain stroke: Today’s deteriorating lifestyle and stress are increasing the risk of brain stroke. Know the causes, symptoms and remedies from the doctor.

Brain stroke is a type of sudden attack inside the brain, which is caused by a rupture of a blood vessel supplying blood to the brain or a blockage of blood flow in the brain’s veins.

Actually, for any reason, when the blood circulation of the brain gets affected, a stroke occurs. When this happens, brain cells begin to die because they do not get the oxygen and nutrition they need to function. In the stage of stroke, many times a person starts having a slanting mouth, limbs or any part of the body becomes lifeless, the tongue starts to falter and symptoms like inability to speak properly are seen. 

But the thing to think about is how this situation can be avoided. So, For this, we have to know about the causes of brain stroke and then avoid these things. About this, we spoke to Dr. Kunal Bahrani, Senior Neurologist, at Fortis Hospital, who explained the causes, symptoms, and prevention methods of brain stroke.

Causes of Brain Stroke

1. Causes of Diabetes

If someone has diabetes, it is very important to control it. This is because keeping diabetes under control means high blood sugar, which can affect blood vessels and other organs and increase the risk of stroke.

2. High BP

Patients with high BP are at the highest risk of stroke. Actually, in high BP there is damage to the arteries and sometimes blood vessels can burst or leak from them, which can lead to brain stroke. So always keep your BP below 140/90.

3. High Cholesterol

High cholesterol and increased levels of lipids work to affect blood circulation. Due to these, plaque accumulates in the blood vessels, and due to this, the risk of atherosclerosis in the arteries increases. This causes the blood vessels to thicken or harden and affect blood circulation in the brain. In such a situation, even if this condition progresses, brain stroke occurs.

4. In heart patients

The risk of brain stroke is higher in heart patients. In fact, in heart patients, the risk of brain stroke increases due to a lack of medicines or other carelessness. Because the day is related to your blood circulation and being affected by it for any reason affects the whole body.

5. Obesity

Obesity increases the risk of brain stroke, not directly, but in other ways. It causes diabetes and heart diseases in the body which can further lead to brain stroke. That’s why it is very important to control obesity.

6. Smoking

Smoking harms your body in many ways. It first raises BP and then almost doubles the risk of ischemic stroke.

7. Birth control pills or illegal drugs

Birth control pills and illegal drugs can be a major reason behind the ischemic stroke. Especially in the new age people. Actually, these drugs are harming the body inside, which increases the risk of heart diseases, loss of blood vessels, and ultimately brain stroke.

8. Stress

Stress raises BP, is linked to lack of sleep, increases obesity, and also causes heart diseases. All these things can cause brain stroke.

9. Bad Lifestyle and Your Age

A bad lifestyle has become a trend among the youth these days. But at a young age, it does not affect you, but after the age of 35, it causes other diseases and then creates the risk of brain stroke.

10. No Exercise

Not exercising invites many diseases. Yes, by not exercising, you can become a victim of diseases like obesity, BP and sugar. This can further lead to brain stroke.

Stroke Symptoms

If Dr. Kunal Bahrani is to be believed, the process of stroke can be understood with FAST

Face (F): Mouth oblique.

Arm (A): Sudden loss of one or both hands.

Speech (S): Stuttering of the tongue or complete loss of voice.

Time (T): If this happens, then call an ambulance and reach there immediately and get the CT scan done immediately.

How to prevent brain stroke

According to Dr. Kunal Bahrani, the ways to avoid stroke are very simple. As if

Keep blood pressure (BP) under control and get it checked regularly.

Control diabetes and do not take the stress.

-Avoid smoking and consuming drugs.

– Reduce cholesterol.

Do workouts for about 30 minutes 5 days a week.

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