Immunity-Boosting Tips: To increase immunity in summer, eat these foods sold at less than 10 rupees, the body will get freshness too

Boosting Immunity In Summer

In summer, such foods should be consumed which protect the body from the outside and increase immunity power by making it strong from the inside. (Boosting Immunity In Summer)

Diet tips to increase immunity in summer

Boosting Immunity In Summer: Good immune power helps to protect against seasonal diseases and the right foods should be consumed for strong immunity. People have to take special care in the summer season because the risk of falling ill is also high in this season and the foods that are usually consumed as immunity boosters in the winter season are good for health in summer. may prove harmful.

immunity-boosting foods

Actually, where black pepper, clove, ginger, and basil are consumed in winter, their hot effect and some nutrients can prove to be harmful to health in summer. In such a situation, such foods should be consumed in summer which protect the body from the outside and increases immunity power by making it strong from the inside. Here we are writing about some similar fruits and vegetables found in summer, which work to increase immunity. (Boosting Immunity In Summer In English)


Bananas are consumed in every season to remove weakness and for instant energy. But, did you know that it can also increase your immunity power? By consuming bananas, elements like potassium, iron, and magnesium are obtained. Iron improves the flow of oxygen in the blood and can also help the respiratory system function. (banana nutrition and health benefits)


To balance the temperature of the body, the consumption of curd can prove to be beneficial. That is why, in summer, dairy products like curd, buttermilk, raita, and shrikhand are consumed. Yogurt contains vitamin D, protein, and calcium, which strengthens the body and increases immune power. (Health benefits of eating curd in summers)

basil leaves

To stay safe from infections and diseases in the summer season, consuming basil leaves can prove to be as beneficial as in winter. Anti-inflammatory substances that reduce inflammation are found in basil. Along with this, the immunity power of the body also increases. You can get all these benefits by drinking tea of ​​basil leaves with honey in summer. (Tulsi health benefits)

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