Apply these 4 special hair masks in the hair in summer, learn how to make them and the benefits of applying

4 special hair masks

What should I wear to my hair in summer? Often this question is asked by many people, so let us tell you today about some special homemade hair masks which are beneficial in summer.

Summer not only brings problems related to the skin but also brings many problems for the hair. Such as oily hair due to dirt and sweat, second dandruff, dryness of hair, and hair fall. Most of these problems are caused by sunlight and dust which stick to the hair roots due to sweat. After this, they block the hair pores and increase the problem of oily scalp. In such a situation it is important that you take proper care of your hair. 

Also, apply regular nourishing things to the hair. So, today we will tell you about some such hair masks (Hair Mask For Summer in English) which you can make at home and apply to your hair. Their special thing is that it will create hydration of the hair in summer as well as nourish them from inside and will also help in increasing strength.

4 Hair Masks – Diy hair mask for summer

1. Sesame Oil and Glycerin Hair Mask

Take 1 tablespoon sesame oil, one teaspoon glycerin, and one egg yolk. Mix all the ingredients together and apply to the hair and ends. Leave it on for half an hour and then shampoo. It first nourishes your dry scalp from the inside. It then strengthens the roots of your hair and makes them healthy from the inside. Apart from this, sesame oil increases hair growth and darkens them from the roots. Also, its anti-inflammatory property prevents inflammation and reduces hair fall.

2. Mehndi Hair Mask

The coolness of henna is the most beneficial thing for hair in summer and when you apply lemon mixed with henna, it also acts as a cleanser and cleans the scalp. Then it makes the scalp healthy from the inside and improves blood circulation. This gives shine to the hair and also maintains its color of the hair. But by applying henna on all this, the scalp gets cool and you are also saved from dandruff. So, if you want to keep the forehead cool in summer then apply the mehndi hair mask.

3. Neem Hair Mask

Neem hair mask is actually loaded with antibacterial properties and it prevents scalp infections. It first cleanses the scalp and then reduces dandruff. In this way, it helps to get rid of dandruff caused due to sweating in summers.

4. Yogurt Hair Mask

The curd hair mask is the cheapest and best hair mask for hair. Also, everyone should definitely apply it once or twice a week. Actually, curd acts as a great scrub as it cools down. Secondly, it reduces dandruff and thirdly it brings life to lifeless hair and increases its shine of hair. So take curd in summer, add a little rose water to it and apply it to your hair. Then leave it for a while and wash the hair.

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