Uses of star anise: 5 benefits of drinking star anise water to the body, learn the recipe from Luke Coutinho

Star anise water

Uses of Star anise: Star anise is beneficial for the body in many ways. You can use it for flu, joint pain, and many skin problems.

Star anise is one such herb found in the kitchen which is used as a spice. Usually, you will find it mixed in garam masala. But have you ever wondered what it is and what are its benefits? Actually, star anise is a herb that has been used in Ayurveda for a long time. Recently, wellness coach Luke Coutinho shared about this herb in his Insta post. He told that the benefits of the chakra pool are many. It is full of antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties. While it protects the body from seasonal diseases, it is also helpful in relieving joint pain and swelling. Apart from this, Luke Coutinho also told about the use of star anise. Let’s know.

Star anise water

The water of star anise is beneficial for health in many ways. Luke Coutinho also explains how to make it. like to make it

Take 1 glass of water

Take 1 full round flower

Now add a little dry ginger to it

Then add a couple of cloves and a little cinnamon.

Now boil everything.

Now bark this water and now consume it.

Benefits of drinking star anise water – Star anise water benefits in English

1. Reduces Bloating

Drinking water of star anise is very beneficial in blotting, Actually, it is helpful in reducing the problem of indigestion. Actually, it acts as an antacid and helps in releasing gas. It improves the functioning of the digestive system and prevents bloating. Taking it after a meal prevents you from heaviness and bloating in the stomach due to food.

2. Prevents Flu

You can avoid the flu by drinking star anise water. Actually, its antibacterial and antiviral properties protect against seasonal infections and enhance the ability of the immune system to fight diseases. In addition, it can reduce flu symptoms such as sore throat and chest tightness.

3. Prevents mucus formation

By drinking star anise water, you can stop mucus from forming. Also, it is very beneficial for those who have coughs with mucus. Because its antioxidants help in melting the mucus and expelling it. Apart from this, its anti-inflammatory properties reduce inflammation and protect the lungs from bacterial infections.

4. Effective in joint pain

Drinking water with star anise can give you relief from joint pain. In fact, its anti-inflammatory properties can help reduce joint inflammation and relieve pain. If you have joint pain, you should consume it regularly and in a balanced quantity.

5. Prevents Fungus Infection

Sometimes, due to the disturbance of pH in the body, you also become a victim of fungal infection. In such a situation, chakra flower water can save you from this infection. Apart from this, even if you have a fungal infection somewhere, it can reduce it and help in curing the infection.

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