Use of gooseberry for hair: Gooseberry has antibacterial properties, know 5 ways to use it for hair

Use of gooseberry for hair

Use of gooseberry for hair: Gooseberry works like magic for hair. It helps in growth, strengthens hair, and reduces scalp infections.

The benefits of gooseberry are many. It is full of antibacterial properties and its vitamin C can help you in preventing many diseases. But it has always been a special thing for hair. Actually, gooseberry has those nutritious properties that along with giving nutrition to its roots, make it stronger than the roots. Apart from this, gooseberry contains vitamin C and tannin, which sometimes acts as a natural conditioner. Also, its antioxidant keeps the hair healthy from the inside and its antibacterial property helps in reducing dandruff. Along with this, it reduces split-ends, dryness, and itching of the scalp and makes the hair healthy from the inside. But, let us first know how to use gooseberry for hair.

Use of gooseberry for hair – How to use gooseberry for hair

1. Gooseberry Oil for Dandruff

Many of us use coconut oil for scalp massage. You can do the same with gooseberry oil. Its anti-bacterial properties reduce dandruff. In addition, it strengthens your hair follicles and reduces hair fall. Also massaging the scalp with gooseberry oil improves blood circulation and promotes hair growth.

2. Gooseberry Powder for Shiny Hair

Gooseberry powder is very beneficial for shiny hair For this, mix gooseberry powder in curd and apply it to the hair. It brings life to the hair and makes it shiny from the inside. You can make a shampoo with gooseberry powder and apply it to your hair. It is helpful in protecting your hair from many problems at once.

3. Gooseberry water for dark hair

Gooseberry water has antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties. You can use gooseberry water for dark hair. For this, you do not have to work too hard, you just have to boil the gooseberry and then filter this water and use it for your hair. If you want, you can apply the gooseberry to the scalp by crushing and extracting its water.

4. Dry Gooseberry for Thick Hair

Soak dried gooseberry and keep it. Now mash it by hand and then apply it to your hair. Massage the entire hair while applying. It improves blood circulation and helps in making the hair thick from the roots. Apart from this, you can also use dried gooseberry mixed with shikakai and reetha for hair. To use it, soak all three of them overnight and mash them in the morning and apply them to your hair.

5. Eat Gooseberry Murabba

Eating gooseberry jam is very beneficial for your hair. It removes iron deficiency in the body and helps in making the hair strong from the inside. In fact, due to iron deficiency, your hair starts falling rapidly. In such a situation, you can eat marmalade to overcome the iron deficiency in the body.

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