These 5 things in your home can be the cause of skin allergy, know

cause of skin allergy

Cause of Skin Allergy: Even the furniture, towels, and table cloths in your house, all can cause skin allergies. Similarly, there are some other things that can give you skin allergies while sitting.

Household Items That Can Trigger Skin Allergy

Skin allergy is a problem that troubles people from time to time. In such a situation, it is important that you should know about those things, which trigger allergies. Yes, we think that skin allergy is a disease, then it will be caused by some big things but it is not so. Small things found in your home that you do not even pay attention to can also cause skin allergies. 

Yes, sometimes the clothes that you wear throughout the day can also trigger skin allergies. Apart from this, there are many such things that can cause skin allergies. So, let’s know about the things kept in your house that can cause skin allergies.

1. Bed sheets and curtains

Have you ever thought about how many bugs and bacteria can be on your bedsheets and curtains at home? No, you should think. That’s because the skin on your bedsheets may actually be the primary cause of the infection. Apart from this, there are many types of infection spreading bacteria on the curtains which can cause you eczema and rashes. Actually, bedsheets and curtains are two such things that we use every now and then. In such a situation, we should keep changing it every few days and take special care of their cleanliness.

2. Soap

The soap contains some irritants that can cause dermatitis. Also, these soaps can cause rashes and other types of allergies. Not only this, in many homes, skin infections are spread from one person to another through soap only. For example, using the same soap multiple times can cause fungal and bacterial infections. Apart from this, they can also cause ringworm and itching. In this way, they increase the problems related to the skin.

3. AC

ACS sometimes causes skin infections. Actually, some irritants are hidden in the AC which can increase skin problems. Apart from this, they can cause the spread of fungus and bacteria in the air molecules of your home environment which cause skin infection. Actually, they multiply with the air of AC and cause infection.

4. Detergent

Detergents can actually cause many problems. While they can cause irritation and infection, at times they also damage the skin of the hands. Actually, detergents can contain these types of allergens that cause skin infections. In this case, you should avoid using detergents with high active ingredients.

5. Pets

Pets that you love so much can actually cause skin infections. In fact, there can be many hidden microbes in the fur of pets that cause many infections. They can also cause skin infections like eczema and rosacea. So try to keep your pets clean first and then take care of your cleanliness too.

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