If you want to avoid piles, then do not eat these 5 things even after forgetting, will increase the symptoms of piles

Piles Causing Foods

Foods to avoid for Piles Disease: Certain foods and drinks can increase symptoms such as constipation and bloat in piles. In such a situation, know about them and avoid their consumption.

Piles Causing Foods: What should be avoided in piles

Hemorrhoids are such a disease in which special care for things related to food and drink is very important. This is because the symptoms of hemorrhoids can be aggravated by the things you eat. Actually, the condition of the rectal passage becomes very painful in piles. Apart from this, the veins present in the rectum get swollen and it is painful. 

Along with this, due to piles, the problem of constipation also increases, so sometimes there is bleeding along with passing stool. In such a situation, to avoid these symptoms of hemorrhoids, you should avoid the consumption of certain foods, otherwise, these foods can cause piles. So, let us know which foods should be avoided by the patients with piles.

1. Spicy Food

Spicy food in piles: Eating spicy food can increase the problem of your piles. This is because spicy food contains high amounts of oil, spices, chilies, etc. which can make your bowel movement difficult. These cause constipation and worsen the symptoms of piles. Also, these things do not contain fiber, due to which the stool becomes harder and the pain of piles increases further. Apart from this, spices like chilies irritate and can increase bleeding.

2. Caffeine

Caffeine in piles: The disadvantage of things containing caffeine is that they cause dehydration in the body. These dry out the stool and make it more difficult to pass. Due to this, the person suffering from piles has to work extra hard in bowel movements, due to which the muscles of the anus start coming out, and their swelling increases. In this way, it worsens the symptoms of piles.

3. Avoid drinking alcohol

Drinking alcohol in piles: Although alcohol is harmful in every way of the body, it can worsen the symptoms of piles. Actually, sugar can dry out the stool and increase the problem of piles. Apart from this, alcohol also causes dehydration in the body, which increases the problem of constipation. Due to this, the muscles of the anus become inflamed and its symptoms bother you for a long time.

4. Dairy Products

Dairy products in piles: Dairy products are especially not considered good for piles patients. This is because hemorrhoids patients should avoid anything that causes constipation. Milk and milk products are high in protein which causes constipation. These slow down the metabolism and cause problems in bowel movements. Therefore, patients with hemorrhoids should avoid dairy products.

5. Processed Foods

Processed foods in piles: Processed foods contain almost zero fiber. Because of this, they slow down the bowel movement along with metabolism. Along with this, the amount of fat in processed foods is also high, which causes constipation and increases many problems related to the stomach.

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