Are your kids getting lethargic and lazy? Make these 5 healthy changes in their breakfast from today

Healthy breakfast for kids

Children sometimes appear lethargic and lazy in the morning. In such a situation, they need an energy boosting breakfast that will give them strength from inside and keep them active.

The risk of obesity and diabetes in children is increasing rapidly these days. Along with this, the closure of schools due to coronavirus and online classes from home is increasing apathy among the children. Not only this, by making the children lethargic and lazy from the inside, it is also pushing them back in studies and sports. All these things are also affecting their mental health and this can lead to other diseases for them later on. 

In such a situation, you need to give them an energetic diet from the morning itself and motivate them to be mentally and physically active throughout the day. So, let’s know about healthy breakfast recipes for kids which will remove their lethargy and laziness.

Healthy breakfast for kids

1. Give Protein Shakes to Kids

Children grow old. In such a situation, it is important for their growth that you give them something that is energizing and refreshing along with being light to drink. In such a situation, you can give them a protein shake. While it gives them energy, it also acts as a brain booster. To make it, you can prepare using milk, tofu, peanut butter, chia seeds, cocoa powder, and honey.

2. Drink Sattu Shake

You can give Sattu Shake to children. It has always been an energy booster. Also, you can consider it a complete breakfast because while it keeps the stomach full, it also contains protein and other minerals. Firstly, it restores the hydration in the body. 

It then gives energy to the body and then accelerates the digestive system. In this way, it eliminates the lethargy of children and activates them both in mind and body. To make it, you can make milk or buttermilk by mixing sattu in whatever your child likes. You can make it both salty and sweet.

3. Oats Porridge

If you make Oats Khichdi by mixing a lot of vegetables, then your kids will love eating it. Actually, khichdi of oats helps in weight loss and accelerates the digestive system. Apart from this, it acts as a brain booster and its omega-3 is especially beneficial for the brain.

4. Moong Dal Cheela

The calorie of 1 Moong Dal Cheela is approximately 128 calories. Even if you feed your baby two cheelas, it will be enough for breakfast. Moong dal contains copper, folate, riboflavin, vitamins, vitamin C, and fiber which will provide many nutrients to babies at a time. This will protect them from many diseases and keep them healthy from the inside.

5. Lentil Sandwich

Even though you may find it strange to hear a sandwich made of lentils, in fact, it is very beneficial for the body. Actually, you don’t have to do much for this, just mix each type of lentils little by little. Then soak it and then grind it. Now add chopped onion, chili, salt, and coriander leaves and fill them inside the sandwich. This will have two benefits, one, your child will eat pulses on this pretext, and second, his body will get protein which will be an energy booster for him.

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