5 herbal drinks to cure electrolyte deficiency

Herbal drinks for summer

Herbal drinks for summer: In summer, you can make juice of all these things and drink it. These are very beneficial for health.

Summer special drinks

In summer, there is often a shortage of water in the body. Apart from this, sometimes people also have a lack of electrolytes, due to which stiffness and pain are felt in the body. Apart from this, there are many other symptoms of electrolyte deficiency in the body such as weakness in the body, blurred vision, frequent dizziness, and dry lips. 

So, sometimes it becomes so severe that it increases the risk of heatstroke and stroke in people during the summer season. In such a situation, people should constantly consume water and electrolyte-rich drinks (Herbal drinks for summer) to overcome the deficiency of electrolytes. So, today we will tell you about 5 such electrolyte-rich drinks that can overcome many problems in summer.

1. Mulberry Juice

Antioxidants, phytonutrients, and many such nutrients are found in mulberries that deliver many nutrients to the body. But its special thing is that mulberry contains vitamin C, iron, zinc,

2. Peppermint Buttermilk

Pudina buttermilk is a great drink for summer. For this, you do not even have to work hard, just you have to make buttermilk by adding mint. In this, you can grind mint or use it by making powder. While mint buttermilk keeps the body cool, it also acts as an energy booster. It removes the electrolyte deficiency in the body and helps in maintaining adequate hydration.

and manganese, which gives energy to the body and protects it from weakness and other problems. In addition, it also contains a good amount of water, which provides hydration to the cells and tissues of the body and removes the lack of electrolytes. You can also make this juice at home and get all these benefits.

3. Betel Juice

Have you ever had betel juice? Otherwise, you must try it once. This is because betel nut contains vitamin C, protein, and many special nutrients. Along with this, they also act as diuretics, that is, remove the problems of urination in the body. Along with this, it restores hydration in the body and removes the lack of water.

4. Juice of Buransh Flowers

Buransh flowers contain antioxidants and phytochemicals that protect the body from the damage of free radicals and provide many benefits. You can prepare a drink from the flowers of Buransh and use it in place of other drinks in summer. This will protect your body from a lack of water and electrolytes.

5. Bael Juice

Bael juice is the Jessie juice of summer. Actually, bael juice cools your body from the inside and removes many problems of the body. Bael also has a good amount of fiber which is also beneficial for the stomach. Also, by drinking this juice, you will not feel hot and you will be healthy in summer.

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