Due to the cold, there is a sudden cold in the summer, to get rid of it, follow these 5 home remedies

Home remedies for cold

cold hot treatment in English: Many times in summer, when we come from the sun and suddenly drink water or sit in AC, we can get cold. In such a situation, these home remedies can come in handy.

Home remedies for cold and hot-cold hot treatment in English

Many times in the summer, the problem of cold and cold troubles us. In common words, it is called cold hot symptoms in English. Actually, what happens is that in summer, when you are in the sun or in a hot place for a long time and then suddenly come in cold or drink something cold, then two different temperatures inside the body react. And that’s why winter is hot. 

That is, the body becomes a victim of two temperatures i.e. cold and heat at the same time. Due to this many times, people have problems of cold, cold, fever, and headache. In such a situation, home remedies for cold and hot or some desi treatment can be useful for you. such as

1. Drink warm milk mixed with honey

By drinking honey mixed with warm milk, you can reduce the cold in summer. Actually, honey is an antibacterial food, so milk can help manage body temperature and reduce cold. Together this two help to manage the temperature in the body and help in relieving the symptoms of cold and hot. For this, take a glass of warm milk and drink honey mixed with it.

2. Take Aam Panna

In summer, Aam Panna is actually the cure for diseases. It is such that firstly it protects against heat stroke by restoring hydration and secondly its vitamin C reduces the effect of infectious bacteria. So, if you are facing the problem of cold and hot, then take a raw mango and cook it on fire. Then mash it, add water, add salt and a little sugar and consume it.

3. Consume Black Pepper

The nature of black pepper has been antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. While it strengthens your immune system, it helps protect you from infectious diseases. Apart from this, it helps in curing a cold in summer. Therefore, if you get a cold in summer, then grind black pepper and eat it by mixing honey in it. If you do not like it, then boil black pepper in hot milk and drink this milk.

4. Eat Garlic Cooked

Cooking garlic will help you in preventing colds. Actually, garlic has anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties. In addition, vitamin C is also helpful in increasing immunity. All these properties are helpful in reducing cold. So, if you have got a cold, then put 2 garlic cloves on the pan and cook it and eat it and go to sleep.

5. Cook ginger in ghee

Ginger is one of the easiest home remedies for colds. It is antibacterial as well as antiviral. It protects the body from many problems. When the chill is hot, crush the ginger and cook it in ghee and eat it. Do this two or three times a day. This will help ease your cold.

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