Liver failure: These 5 minor symptoms of the body can be signs of liver failure, do not ignore

Liver failure

World Liver Day 2022: Many times the diseases related to the liver are not easily detected. In such a situation, we should also pay attention to the minor changes happening in the body.

The liver is one of the most important organs of our body. In fact, you can call it the filter of the body, which helps in removing the toxins from the body. Actually, the liver plays an important role in completing the digestion and it filters the toxin and helps in removing them from the body. But what if the liver stops doing its job? Actually, today’s deteriorating lifestyle is harming our liver. 

Such as a high-fat diet, alcohol consumption, and processed foods. Apart from all this, some other health-related conditions also cause liver failure. In such a situation, you should know about all those symptoms of liver failure, which often seem common and which we ignore. So, let’s know in detail.

Liver failure symptoms – Liver failure symptoms in English

1. Nausea and Vomiting

As disturbances in the liver start increasing, it affects your digestive system and its functioning. That is, it first affects your digestion. Because of this, whatever you eat is not digested and due to this there is a problem of gas and bloating. Then when this problem starts increasing further, it causes further nausea and vomiting. Because when food becomes indigestion, it releases such gas in the stomach which causes nausea and vomiting.

2. Weakness and Fatigue

Weakness and fatigue are among the symptoms of liver failure. Because when the work of the liver is affected and the food is not digested properly, then the body does not get energy, due to which weakness and fatigue are felt. Apart from this, sometimes the liver’s not working properly slows down the metabolism and then your body does not get energy from whatever you eat.

3. Itching of the skin

Itching in the skin can be a symptom of many diseases, which people usually ignore. In such a situation, you will be surprised to know that skin rashes and itching can actually be a symptom of liver failure. Actually, when your liver does not work properly, then the amount of toxins in your body increases, due to which itching and other problems occur.

4. Loss of appetite

Loss of appetite is a common problem and it can be felt by people even without getting sick. But if it is for a long time then you should not ignore it. Actually, when the liver does not work properly, then your metabolism slows down and hormonal disturbances also start and all this together causes a loss of appetite. So, do not ignore this symptom as common.

5. Swelling of feet and hands

Swelling of the feet and hands has always been associated with the liver. Actually, this can be a sign of the liver not working properly. Actually, what happens is that when the amount of toxin in our body increases, it causes excess fluid to accumulate in your feet and legs, which leads to swelling. So, do not ignore all these symptoms of liver failure and contact the doctor as soon as these symptoms occur in the body.

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