Make these 5 drinks from mint, the body will get many benefits along with keeping the stomach cool

Mint drink for summer

Mint drink for summer: You can make these homemade summer drinks with mint in summer. There are many benefits of drinking them.

Mint Drink For Summer

The benefits of peppermint are many. It is antibacterial, it is anti-inflammatory and its biggest property is that it provides coolness to the body. Therefore, in summer, you can make and drink mint drinks, which not only keeps your body cool, but it also provides many other health benefits. 

Yes, in fact, mint keeps the balance of Vata and Pitta right in the body. Its antioxidants help to refresh the body and its vitamin C reduces the damage of free radicals and also helps in protecting against infectious diseases. So, let’s know some special drinks made from the mint for summer.

1. Mint Buttermilk

Mint buttermilk is very beneficial for the stomach. Especially in the problem of constipation and acidity. Actually, mint acts as an antacid in acidity and is effective in the problem of acidity. Apart from this, buttermilk accelerates metabolism and improves bowel movement. It does not cause constipation problems. Along with this, it is also refreshing for the body, which removes the lack of water in the body and protects from heatstroke.

2. Mint Shikanji

Mint Shikanji is one of the easiest homemade summer drinks. Actually, mint shikanji can remove the lack of water in the body and prevents electrolyte imbalance. Apart from this, it is also helpful in removing cramps and weakness in the legs. Along with this, drinking it in the summer days keeps it away from the lack of water.

3. Mint Sattu Sherbet

Mint Sattu Sharbat is beneficial for the body in every way. Firstly it is an energy booster drink and secondly, it is very beneficial for the stomach. It corrects the metabolism and accelerates bowel movement. Along with this, it also removes the heat in the body due to pitta dosha.

4. Coconut Lemon Mint

Coconut water lemon mint is beneficial in the problem of blotting. It is also helpful in reducing morning sickness during pregnancy. It reduces nausea and prevents indigestion. It also helps in balancing the pH of the stomach.

5. Mint Detox Tea

Mint detox tea is very beneficial for the skin. It detoxifies the body from the inside and protects it from many problems. If you drink mint detox tea early in the morning, it will help in clearing the stomach easily and will also restore hydration in the body.

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