Do not eat these 5 hot things in summer, will spoil your stomach health

top 5 things To Avoid In Summer

Foods to avoid in summer In summer it becomes necessary to ask these questions, otherwise, you may have many problems related to the skin.

Foods To Avoid In Summer

There are different types of body problems in summer. Such as upset stomach, indigestion, gas, dehydration, and burning sensation in the feet and hands. So, at the same time, it also causes skin problems such as oily skin, acne, and pimples. In such a situation, you do not need medicines and skincare products for all these problems. Rather, your stomach needs to be healthy and for that, you should know what are the things that you should avoid eating in summer.

1. Things with more oil and spices

Oily spices are actually very good to eat but they are harmful to the stomach. Actually, these more oily spices are full of fat and oil which can cause an increase in bad cholesterol. Also, they can increase belly fat by accumulating in the fat tissues. Also, they can cause acidity and stomach-related problems and can harm the digestive system in summer.

2. Consuming Garam Masala

Although garam masala is considered to be an immunity booster, eating them in summer can cause an increase in stomach problems. Along with this, it can also increase the problem of pitta and can cause heat in the body. Due to this, you may have a burning sensation in your hands and feet and there may be a gas problem. Along with this, sometimes it also becomes the reason for lack of water.

3. Dry Fruits

You should avoid the consumption of dry fruits in summer. This is because dry fruits produce heat in the body. A big reason behind this is that dry fruits contain very little amount of water and sugar is high. These high sugars work to increase the heat of the body and cause water loss. That’s why you should avoid consuming dry fruits in summer.

4. Non-Veg Food

Non-vegetarian foods like red meat, mutton, and beef tend to generate excessive heat in the body and it is best to avoid it during summers. Also, meat increases the body’s toxins in summer and causes stomach problems. Along with this, they also increase skin problems, so avoid their consumption in summer.

5. Too much salt

Salt is also known as sodium chloride and is used to enhance the taste of food. But sometimes it is also harmful to the body. As such, it can lead to various health problems including inflammation, high blood pressure, and heart disease. But the consumption of salt in summer causes water shortage. This means that the body will remove water from the cells. Therefore, avoid excessive consumption of salt in summers. So, avoid consuming these things to stay healthy in summer.

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