Stay away from cold drinks in summer, try these 6 healthy drinks; get plenty of nutrition

healthy drinks in summer

If you are troubled by the heat, then here we are telling you about 6 healthy drinks which can be very beneficial for you.

In the summer season, we always feel like getting something cold to eat or drink. However, we consume outside things like ice cream or cold drinks which are harmful to our health. If you want to remove the heat inside you with natural things, then the following cool drinks can be consumed by making them at home.

1. Fennel syrup

Take a bowl and put two spoons of fennel water in it. Now add some sugar candy to it. Mix two glasses of water and mix it well. Now your fennel syrup is ready to drink.

2. Sattu Energy Drink

Mix one teaspoon of sattu powder in a glass of water. Now add roasted cumin seeds to it and mix some rock salt and jaggery in it. Now your Sattu Energy Drink is ready.

3. Peppermint Sorbet

Take two to three glasses of water, now add some mint leaves to it. Add small pieces of sugar candy to it and grind it. Now add a little salt and half a lemon to it. Now filter it and drink it.

4. Gulkand Shot

Take a glass of milk, and now add a spoonful of Gulkand to it. Now mix it with the help of a hand blender. Now your Gulkand drink is ready.

5. Bilwa Sharbat

Take bilva fruit. Now cut it from the middle and take out the soft pulp inside. Now soak this pulp in a glass of water and mash it well. After this sieve and add one spoon of jaggery, roasted cumin, cardamom, and black salt. Now Bilwa Sharbat is ready.

6. Kokum syrup

Take two fresh kokum fruits. Cut them in half, take out their seeds and then grind them. Make sugar syrup and mix it. If you want, you can also mix cumin and cardamom. Now add cold water to the pot and drink it.

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