Aha: These Rules Apply When You Travel With Your Dog

From Mandatory Muzzles to Banned Dog Breeds: You Need to Know This

When you go on holiday, you can of course let your dog stay with friends for a week. Or maybe you send your four-legged friend to a boarding house. But it can be even more fun to just take your pet with you. However, you must comply with a set of rules. Let’s list them!

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Across the Border

Are you going to France with the caravan? Or do you want to spend a nice week in the German forests? When you cross the border, you must always ensure that your dog has a European Pet Passport. You often get this when you purchase your dog. 

Otherwise, you can have one drawn up by your vet. In addition, it is important that your pet is chipped and that the data on the chip is still up to date. So have you moved recently? Then check whether you still need to update the data of that chip before you travel. In addition, it is important that your dog is vaccinated against rabies – and that should be done well before departure! For many countries, a minimum of 21 days applies. In some countries that period is even longer.

Own Rules

In addition, many countries have their own rules and requirements for dogs. For example, in France, Spain, Denmark, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, and some places in Germany, you must have liability insurance for your four-legged friend. In Ireland, Finland and Malta worm treatments are mandatory. 

In Hungary you must always have a muzzle with you, and in Italy and Austria you are required to muzzle your dog in public places. Very handy: the website of the National Information Center for Companion Animals has listed a set of extensive rules per country, both for countries within Europe and outside Europe .


No matter how sour it is: it is also worth checking whether your dear four-legged friend is actually allowed to travel with you. Pitbulls are not allowed to go to many countries. In France you also get in trouble with crosses of Mastiffs, Staffordshire bull terriers, boerboels, tosas, and American Staffordshire terriers.

In short: a lot of rules, which you better be aware of in advance. Otherwise, there is unfortunately no other option than to find a place to stay for your four-legged friend…

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