Lemon has become expensive, consume these foods for vitamin C, stay healthy and hydrated in summer


Read here about some such foods which are natural sources of Vitamin C. (Vitamin C Rich substitutes for Lemon)

Eat These Foods Instead of Lemon for Vitamin C

Vitamin C Rich Foods: People like to drink lemon juice or lemonade in summer to avoid dehydration and for freshness. Also, lemon juice is a good source of vitamin C which is an essential nutrient for the body. Vitamin C increases the immunity power of the body, makes the eyes healthy, boosts metabolism, and makes our bones and teeth strong. Because the prices of lemons are skyrocketing.

alternative to lemon

Lemon, which was always available for one to two rupees, is now being sold at the cost of 10-12 rupees apiece. In such a situation, people are avoiding buying and consuming lemons. In such a situation, to meet the daily requirement of vitamin C, it would be appropriate to consume some other fruits and vegetables from which you can get vitamin C. Read here about some such foods which are natural sources of Vitamin C. (Vitamin C Rich substitutes of Lemon in English)

What is the daily requirement of Vitamin C

Being an immunity booster, vitamin C is needed every day and in every season. According to experts, an adult person needs about 90 mg of vitamin C daily. Similarly, women need 75 mg, and breastfeeding women need about 120 mg of vitamin C daily.

Amla and Tamarind

Some of the fruits, which are said to be the favorite of young children, can take care of the health and taste of elders. Citrus and sweet fruits like amla, gooseberry, tamarind, and starfruit have been found to be rich in vitamin C. Therefore, consuming them can prove to be more beneficial. Apart from this, the amount of vitamin C is also very high in mint and green chilies.

citrus fruit juice

Lemon is counted among citrus fruits. These citrus-tasting fruits are juicy and rich in vitamin C. In addition to lemons, oranges, grapefruits, malts, tangerines and seasonal are also good sources of vitamin C. Drinking the juice of these fruits can fulfill the need for vitamin C. To enhance the taste and nutritional value of the juice, it can be consumed by adding black salt, cumin powder, mint, etc.

These summer fruits are better alternatives to lemon

Consuming seasonal fruits enables the body to cope with the weather. In the summer season, many such fruits and vegetables are easily found around us, which are high in vitamin C and nutrients. Guavas, lychees, tomatoes, strawberries, broccoli, and kiwifruits are such foods. They can be consumed as a substitute for lemon.

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