Watermelon side effects 2022 in English: Eating injected watermelon can cause kidney damage! You can be brain weak and blind

Watermelon side effects 2022 in English

Watermelon side effects in English: You are probably not aware that watermelon is injected into it to make it appear red, which is playing with your health.

5 disadvantages of eating injected watermelon

Watermelon side effects 2022 in English: As soon as summer comes, everyone’s mind wants to eat things filled with water, whether it is cucumber or melon, or watermelon. Consuming watermelon in summer is considered very beneficial because it is full of many nutrients and it is also one of the most easily and cheaply available healthy fruit during summers. 

Watermelon contains up to 92 percent water and 6 percent natural sugar is also found in it. The amount of fiber present in watermelon makes it a summer health treasure. But you might not be aware that watermelon is injected into it to make it appear red, Which is playing with your health. Injected watermelon is not only great to look at but it is no less than any poison for your health. 

Not only this but sometimes oxytocin is injected to ripen the watermelon. All these injections are harmful to the human body and can seriously affect your health. Let us know how injected watermelon harms your health.

1-May be food poisoning

Do not be blown away by the red color of watermelon during summer as this charisma is done through artificial dyes like lead chromate, methanol yellow, and Sudan red. If you eat watermelon cooked with these things, then you can become a victim of food poisoning.

2- There is damage to the kidney

Carbide is also used to ripen watermelon, which directly damages your liver and kidneys. If you regularly eat this type of watermelon on a daily basis, then there is a lot of damage to your kidneys, which can cause problems for you.

3- Watermelon can cause cancer

When you see a dark red watermelon in the market, do not think that it will be healthy. Methanol can also be used to give a deep red color to watermelon, which can make any person a victim of cancer. Not only this, the consumption of watermelon cooked with this chemical works to spoil the sex ability of men.

4-The reason for the lack of Khum is watermelon

Even though watermelon is full of water, the lead chromate used in cooking it can make a person a victim of anemia. Not only this, due to this chemical, brain cells can be damaged and can make you blind.

5- Upset stomach problem

If watermelon is cooked with a dye called Sudan Red, then the person eating it may suffer from digestive problems and you may suffer from problems like an upset stomach. Therefore, keep in mind that do not forget to consume the injected watermelon.

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