5 Exercises for Swollen Feet

Swelling in the feet is a problem. Due to excessive walking, fatigue, during pregnancy, due to weight gain, and swelling of the legs occurs.

Heel Raise Exercise

– You can also do heel rage exercises to remove swelling of the feet. – To do this exercise, keep one leg straight on the floor. – Raise the heel of the other foot upwards, you have to slowly raise the heel upwards. – Now you have to repeat this exercise 10 times and do 2 to 3 sets of it. – By doing this exercise, the swelling in the area around the heel or ankle can be removed.


– The problem of swelling in the legs is also removed by doing the standing spinal twist pose. – To do this, you have to keep a normal gap between the legs. – After keeping the gap, you have to place the right hand on the shoulder of the other hand. – Touch the body by moving the left hand from behind to the right. – Do this action with both hands and during this move the part above the waist backward.

Ankle Circle Exercise

– You can also do ankle circle exercises to overcome the problem of swelling. – To do this exercise, you rotate your leg 20 times in a clockwise motion. – After that, you also rotate the foot 20 times in the anti-clockwise direction.

Elevate exercise

– You can also do elevated exercise to remove swelling of the feet. – In this, you have to raise the leg upwards and then come to the normal position from below. – Be careful while doing this exercise, otherwise, the pain may increase. – To reduce the pain, raise the leg two to three times and then come to the back position and rest for a few seconds.

Warrior Pose

– You can also do Warrior Pose i.e. Virabhadrasana to remove the problem of swelling in the feet. – To do this pose, give a gap between both the feet, then bend one leg from the knee and bring the bottom of the other leg to the ground. – Remain in the same position while raising both hands and breathing, then come to the normal position. – You have to repeat the same with the other leg, but if you have a deep injury in your leg then you should avoid doing it.