Stretching Exercises on the Bed Before Sleeping

You can try these 5 stretches to make muscles relax and flexible, read the article till the end to know

5 Stretching Exercises

A child’s pose is considered beneficial to relax the shoulders and the whole body. You can try this pose for 3 to 5 minutes.

Child Pose

5 Stretching Exercises

You can try lower back rotation to overcome the problem of back pain. Lower back rotation is beneficial for relaxing.

Lower Back Rotation

5 Stretching Exercises

You should do pigeon stretches to relax the muscles. For this stretch, you have to raise your head upwards and by keeping the knee of one leg on the ground, stretch the other leg backward.

Pigeon Stretch

5 Stretching Exercises

Cobra pose is also known as Sphinx stretch. You can relax the muscles with the help of the cobra pose.

Cobra Pose