6 Yogasanas to Increase Brain Power

If you want that the memory of your mind is always fine and your mind remains healthy, then you should do these 6 yoga asanas daily.

Mind Boosting Yogasanas


This yoga asana is done by kneeling. This yoga is done by taking a long breath. By doing this asana, your body becomes strong.

Mind Boosting Yogasanas


It is very easy to do this asana. This asana is done by leaning forward. Due to this, your body gets stretched.

Mind Boosting Yogasanas

Ardha Matsyendrasana

This yogasana is named after the sage Matsyendranath. This asana is performed by bending the spine and mixing twelve different types of asanas.

Mind Boosting Yogasanas


This asana is also known as lotus posture. The lotus is considered a form of purity. This asana is done in the posture of meditation.

Mind Boosting Yogasanas


This asana is done in the plowed posture. Plow which farmers use in the fields. This asana is done in the morning on an empty stomach.