Do Not Eat These 5 Hot Things in Summer

Foods to avoid in summer In summer it becomes necessary to ask these questions, otherwise, you may have many problems related to the skin.

Things with More Oil and Spices

Oily spices are actually very good to eat but they are harmful to the stomach. 

Consuming Garam Masala

Although garam masala is considered to be an immunity booster, eating them in summer can cause an increase in stomach problems.

Dry Fruits

You should avoid the consumption of dry fruits in summer. This is because dry fruits produce heat in the body. 

Non-Veg Food

Non-vegetarian foods like red meat, mutton, and beef tend to generate excessive heat in the body and it is best to avoid it during summers.

Too much salt

Salt is also known as sodium chloride and is used to enhance the taste of food. But sometimes it is also harmful to the body.