Why is Covid or another vaccine applied in hand? Know the reason for not injecting intravenous vaccine

vaccine applied in hand

Do you know why other vaccines including the Covid vaccine are applied to the upper part of the hand? Know the real reason.

In the last one and a half years, most people have been vaccinated and the question definitely comes to people’s minds that why the vaccine is applied only to the upper part of their hand. Experts say that it is most effective to apply other vaccines, including the Kovid vaccine, on the upper part of the hand, which is called the deltoid. 

The biggest reason for applying the vaccine to the muscles is that the blood supply is maximum in this part. By applying the vaccine at this place, the antigens reach the body very quickly.

Because of this, the vaccine is applied to the muscles

Actually, there is a protective mechanism in the muscles, through which the blood supply is very good. You can understand this in such a way that ingredients such as aluminum salt present in the vaccine do not cause a serious reaction when injected from this site.

If a vaccine is applied to the outer layer of the skin, then you can have many problems. That is why the vaccine is sent into the body through the muscles.

Putting here can cause pain

Similarly, when the vaccine is applied to skin tissue, some muscles become sore. Whereas applying the vaccine to the upper part of the arm does not cause you as much pain as it does in other conditions.

In the case of rabies, some vaccines work by increasing the immune response of tissues and cells, especially when applied to the arm.

This is the thinnest part

It has been found in many studies that in most adults, whether they are men or women, the layer present between their muscles and skin is the thinnest. This layer is around the deltoid muscles.

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