Should Dogs Wear Clothes or Not?

You will have heard somewhere that dogs do not need to wear clothes to dress themselves because they have their fur that protects them from the cold and because in nature they never wrap themselves up and even so they do not seem to have problems. This statement, while true, does not apply to many of our domestic dogs.

Most breeds have varied so much from their wild ancestors that they could no longer be so easily adapted to living in a natural habitat.

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Reasons to Shelter Your Dog

Sudden temperature changes

Think that houses usually have intense heating that keeps them warm even on the coldest days of winter. When your dog is lying calmly on the carpet and you decide to take him for a walk, the sudden change in temperature can be very aggressive for him .

This is especially true of small dogs . They have a greater body surface area for their weight than large dogs, which causes them to lose heat more quickly and require shelter . There are also very robust small dogs, such as some terriers , that surely do not need to be wrapped up while they are young. Each of us knows if his dog is cold or not.

Protection of Elderly Dogs and Puppies

Any dog ​​that wants to lie down near the stove or stays covered when you put a blanket on it will surely enjoy a coat for going outside. Even on cool autumn nights, a sweatshirt will do you good so you don’t get cold.

Elderly dogs and puppies should also be protected from the weather , because they are less resistant to sudden changes. Old people generally suffer from osteoarthritis, their muscles are weaker, their defense systems are no longer as efficient and very intense cold can make them weak or sick.

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Tips for Choosing Warm Clothes for Your Dog

Dogs Wear Clothes or Not

On the one hand, from a functional point of view, for a garment to be a good coat it must cover the dog’s back from the withers to the base of the tail. If it is shorter, it will expose the lower back, which is the area of ​​the spine that suffers the most from the cold. It is also important to cover the neck, especially in dogs with cervical problems.

On the other hand, from a purely aesthetic point of view, there are plenty of models that are more or less sophisticated, showy or discreet, highly ornate or more sober. Here a matter of personal taste plays a role in the choice that has little to do with the health care of our dogs.

If you like to dress your pet, you should take into account some tips, since in the first place there must be their comfort and tolerance for clothing. Never force or punish him.

  • To begin with, look for the garment to be made with a comfortable material , without hard seams that can irritate the skin.
  • Fabrics that are stretchy like jerseys are ideal, because they adapt better to the body and are more flexible. Notice that it does not limit the movements of the dog. For example, if you put a dress on her, the skirt should not get caught in his legs if she decides to run around with a friend in the park.
  • If it is the rainy season , opt for a raincoat with waterproof fabric.
  • If you buy a long-sleeved jacket, your dog should be able to move his front legs comfortably.
  • Another detail that can be annoying is if the clothes have parts that stick out a lot, such as a large tutu, because every time your princess moves, that object will “chase” her, floating around her and can scare her. Many dogs also do not tolerate headgear well.
  • Finally, if you plan on water activities such as boating, it is essential to equip your dog with a suitable life jacket to ensure his safety in the water.

Finally, to summarize and answer the question in the title of the post about whether your dog should wear clothes , the correct answer is: it depends. Your sensitivity to cold, age, race, and degree of tolerance for dressing come into play. Not all dogs are the same. Evaluate these questions and decide.

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