10 Strategies to Increase the Visits of Your Blog

Do you wonder how you could increase the visits of your blog?

One of the most powerful tools you have to attract customers to your business is, as you already know or should guess, your blog .

Today I want to tell you how you can increase visits to your blog, attracting interested people who are likely to become potential and, of course, real customers.

But attention!

You won’t get it in four days. 

This is a long haul journey and depends on many factors.

It is true that you can speed it up by paying for traffic to arrive starting today, but this is not only going to mean an investment, but I think it is better to increase those visits progressively while you share your content.

In this way, the visits to your blog will grow at the same time that you are positioning yourself in the market and you are becoming a reference to follow.

In summary, in this case better slow but sure. 

And I tell you in this specific case because this can vary depending on the objectives you want to achieve.

I explain. 

If what you want is to increase traffic to a specific page where you are going to promote a particular product or service, then I do find it very useful to pay for that specific traffic. You will make an investment that will probably have an impact on the return on investment.

On the other hand, if what you want is for your brand to position itself in the market and get more and more followers and readers to join your community and become subscribers, then you are going to have to stick with your blog (and be careful). , which you can also invest in advertising if you want).

What Can You Do to Increase Visits to Your Blog?

Here are 10 practical and easy-to-implement strategies. 

1 ] Post Quality Content

This means that you should share content about what interests your readers. Valuable content that helps them solve their current problems and that is also inspiring for them.

2] Be Consistent in Your Posts

I am aware that creating content is something laborious and that it requires time and dedication, but the best thing to have a faithful community is to be constant so that they are the ones who expect that weekly content that you have for them, or of course with the frequency that you decide.

3] Share Your Content Through All Your Channels and Social Networks

And more specifically for all the networks in which you have a presence and where your ideal client is . 

It will be useless to share content on your blog on a regular basis if you do not make an effort to spread it afterwards. 

Of course, don’t forget to let your community of subscribers know.

4 ] Make Sure You Have Your Website Indexed in Google

Thanks to this, you will ensure that your website appears in the search results when users search for what interests them. 

Without having your website indexed, Google will simply not know that you exist and consequently, it will not show you and you will be invisible.

5 ] Pay Attention to Your Seo 

Or what is the same to optimization in search engines. 

By applying their techniques, you will improve your organic positioning in internet search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo, among others, and you will be able to increase visits to your blog naturally and without investing in advertising.

6 ] Nurture Your Items to Increase Their Value 

Include varied content in them such as infographics, images or videos for example. 

Think that in addition to complementing and clarifying what you explain, you will help visitors have a better experience, but also each of these contents can be the channel through which a person lands on your blog.

7 ] Put the Url of Your Website on All Sites to Give You Visibility Whenever You Can

This means including it, for example, in the signature of your emails, in the images that you create for social networks, in infographics, in the eBook’s that you create, but also in supports that go beyond online, such as in your corporate stationery such as cards or folders for present projects or in your merchandising if you do, etc. 

In short, in all the supports and materials that you create.

8 ] Do Not Forget to Always Carry Your Business Cards With You

You never know when you are going to have an opportunity to capture a client. 

In addition, you will also need them if you attend events or networking activities , something that will come in handy to create relationships that boost your business and increase visits to your blog.

9 ] Pay for Advertising

As I was saying, relying on organic strategies will help you position yourself and stay longer in the long term, that is, achieving results more slowly, but more permanently over time. 

However, if what you want is speed, advertising is undoubtedly a way that will help you attract more people in less time.

10 ] Do Not Leave Everything to Chance and Keep Track of What Happens on Your Website

You can do this from Google Analytics. 

In this way, you will be able to create content that best suits the preferences of your community and will help you create strategies to mobilize the people who land on your site.

Now is Your Turn!

Leave me a comment below and tell me if you liked today’s content and if you are already implementing these strategies and what others you can think of or are applying at this time that are working for you to increase the visits to your blog.

Thank you very much for coming here.

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