Private Health Insurance: is It Worth It for Me as an Entrepreneur?

In most cases, taking out private health insurance (PKV) is worthwhile for people who have a comparatively high income and who are also not subject to compulsory insurance. These are usually the self-employed, freelancers, civil servants and employees with a high annual income. Private health insurance? The current PKV salary limit is currently 72,797 usd per year. 

If you, as an entrepreneur, are well below that, then it is best to save yourself the reading time and learn something about the advantages of an SEO audit , for example . For all the wealthy, here is some useful information about taking out private health insurance.

Under certain circumstances, students can also benefit from private health insurance, which is lower compared to voluntary insurance with the GKV.

Of course, we do not hide the fact that private health insurance is not necessarily an advantage for everyone who could afford it. The consumer advice center has also written something about this.

A particular advantage of private health insurance is the individual selection of benefits . Policyholders can choose the right offer that meets their requirements from a large number of tariffs and benefit packages.

Private Health Insurance and the Costs – What You Pay Depends on You!

Even though the groups of people mentioned above have access to private health insurance tariffs, there is often a lot of uncertainty: Doesn’t private health insurance cause too high costs, especially in old age? If this worries you, you’re not the only one.

It is true that private health insurance leads to costs that are usually higher than membership in statutory health insurance – but such calculations often do not take into account the fact that insurers regularly pay premium repayments, which means that the Ultimately significantly reducing overall costs.

The fewer benefits you have claimed in the contribution year, the higher the reimbursement will be.

Private health insurance can therefore reduce your costs compared to statutory health insurance if you are in good health and only rarely need medical services.

You also benefit from lower tariffs if you lead a healthy lifestyle, for example if you don’t smoke and exercise regularly. For example, private health insurance can reduce costs if you can prove that you regularly visit a gym or do other health-promoting activities.

In the case of private health insurance, the costs are particularly dependent on your lifestyle, which also motivates you to lead a healthier lifestyle.

However, it can become really uncomfortable for you if, despite a very praiseworthy lifestyle, your health deteriorates extremely and there is also a financial bottleneck. In order to avoid this risk, you should stay in the statutory health insurance, which provides basic medical care for everyone, regardless of how big your wallet is, although it must be said that the catalog of co-payments and so-called desired medical services for each statutory health insurance fund is always increased annually gets bigger. A matter of consideration, like many things in business life.

Difference PKV & GKV

In statutory health insurance, you share the risks of the general public and, in financial terms, benefit from a healthy lifestyle at best through the less extensive bonus programs. You can also reduce the amount of your monthly insurance premiums by making a corresponding deductible.

Here, too, private health insurance can reduce your costs if you are willing to pay a personal contribution, which is particularly worthwhile if you either rarely use medical treatment or the necessary measures do not exceed a certain extent.

Incidentally, this does not mean that you should never see a doctor in order to reduce your costs: insurance providers are aware that preventive measures are of the utmost importance in order to prevent the development of expensive chronic diseases. This is why private health insurance often reduces your costs if you take advantage of preventive services and check-ups on a regular basis.

When is Private Health Insurance Worthwhile for You?

First, check if you have access to private health insurance. The access authorization is regularly available for the self-employed, most freelancers, civil servants and employees with an income above the contribution assessment limit.

If you are entitled to access, you should at least consider switching to private health insurance. Due to the large number of tariffs and the specific design options, it is not possible to give a general answer as to how high your contributions will be.

You will particularly benefit from the advantages of private health insurance if you are healthy and lead a health-promoting lifestyle. Keep in mind that you can customize your private health insurance tariff to a high degree

Although the costs are regularly higher than with membership in the GKV, you benefit from a large number of special and preferential services. And, as a person (still) covered by statutory health insurance, have you ever seen the light in the eyes of the receptionist when you went to the doctor’s office when the man next to you said he had private insurance?

It’s an open secret: Many doctors give preferential treatment to those who have private insurance because they can charge a higher rate for their services. Your advantage is, quite clearly, that you can usually get a doctor’s appointment much faster than normal mortals. Not bad in times when there is a shortage of doctors in many areas and you often have to wait weeks for an appointment.

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