17 Small, Medium, or Large White Dogs Breeds

White dogs, what a passion! Of different sizes, but all with snow-colored coats, here are some breeds that will make each of you lose your mind.

For some, white dogs are the emblem of elegance and refinement, for others, they represent a child’s dream: to be accompanied by a large dog with fur so white that it appears luminous as if it had been sent from heaven.

The white dog always fascinates and this is why we wanted to draw up this ranking of the best-known (and least-known) snow-coloured four-legged friends, both as pets and as shepherds, therefore small and large.

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Small White Dog Breeds

Small white dogs include many breeds defined as companions, as they are dogs that have in common a lively and affectionate character, suitable for living together with humans, even in an apartment. Here are the most famous white companion dogs.


The Maltese: small and long-haired, it is a jovial, affectionate dog that knows its place. He can live peacefully in an apartment, where he will love spending time on the sofa in full home comfort. Suitable for living with children and, he is truly adorable!

West Highland White Terrier

The West Highland White Terrier, also called Westie: is a small white dog belonging to the Terrier standard. Very playful and active, he is suitable for a quiet family life, even in the city.

Italian Volpino

Italian Volpino: compact and small in size, this local dog breed is ideal for family living, even with children. A good watchdog and companion, he is very active and playful. 


The Bolognese: small and graceful, it is an ideal companion dog because it is communicative and at the same time calm. 

Bichon Frise

The Bichon Frise or Tenerife Bichon: is a white dog with curly fur. Small, discreet, and at the same time jovial, he loves to please his owner of whom he is very fond.

Bull Terrier

Also suitable for sporty and dynamic owners, the Bull Terrier is a strong and energetic dog.

Affectionate, despite his fame and his “truly tough” physical appearance, the Bull Terrier can live in the city, in an apartment, but must always be stimulated and let out to feel good. 

English Bulldog

English Bulldog: well known for its size and physical shape, it is a very calm dog, generally lazy, affectionate, faithful, and jovial. It adapts to different lifestyles and its white coat makes it even more particular.

Cotton de Tulear

Coton de Tulear: similar to the Bichon, it is a long-haired companion dog, with a calm and sporty character, ideal as an alert dog and easy to manage thanks to its small size. 

Japanese Spitz

Japanese Spitz: tender and with a coat as white as a cloud, this Asian dog is particularly independent but at the same time affectionate, docile, and intelligent, perfect for families with children.


Chihuahua: the “purse” or toy dog ​​par excellence, this white-coated breed seems to be an exceptional freak of nature.

So small and candid, the Chihuahua is ideal for those looking for an affectionate, perhaps too much, playful, and lively dog.

White Puli Dog

An excellent watchdog, the Puli has a wavy, long-haired coat that catches attention. Excellent choice for those who want a dog in the family, he is affectionate and reserved and loves children. 


Docile, and adaptable to any type of lifestyle, there are different sizes of the Poodle, all suitable for the role of companion dog.

White in color, it is the dog par excellence, highly appreciated at dog shows, its coat lends itself to being groomed according to the most whimsical tastes of its owner.

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Medium and Large White Dogs

If you are choosing a medium-large-sized white dog, especially for those who want a dog to keep in the garden or in the countryside, here are some rather well-known breeds that may be right for you.

German Spitz

The German Spitz: of different sizes, medium, large, or small, is a dog with a suspicious, playful character, very attached to its owner.

White Swiss Shepherd

White Swiss Shepherd: very affectionate, it is a dog with a white coat. Among large white dogs, it stands out as an excellent guard dog.


Samoyed: great sportsman, its appearance recalls the whiteness of the snow. Sled dog, this breed is very intelligent and affectionate with reserve.

Maremma shepherd from Abruzzo

Maremma shepherd from Abruzzo: large size, born as a shepherd dog to keep the flock together. Very protective, he is a furry white dog suitable for work, not too playful.

Dogo Argentino

Dogo Argentino: A large dog, courageous and faithful, it is suitable as a guard dog, hunting dog, rescue dog, and also as a companion if it is given the right daily stimulation so that it can feel at ease. 

This is a list of very limited-breed white dogs. To this, we must certainly add the existing white mixed-breed dogs and other less widespread breeds, whose white coat represents an exceptional peculiarity, a freak of nature, often little appreciated by international standards.

If you decide to adopt a white dog you will certainly be spoiled for choice, the final decision is yours!

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