Good Question: is Late Night Snacking Really That Unhealthy?

We Looked Into It for You

You probably know it: you had a delicious plate of dinner, but just before you want to crawl into bed, a feeling of hunger arises. Then you open the kitchen cabinets in search of a tasty snack – with a feeling of guilt as a result, because you often hear that snacking so late at night is very unhealthy. But is that really the case, or does it not matter at all when you eat that sandwich? 


If you’re a  late night snacked  , we’ve got some good news: it’s a myth that late night snacking is unhealthy. It really makes no difference to your health whether you eat a piece of chocolate at two o’clock in the afternoon or at eleven o’clock in the evening. Much more important is, of course, what you eat. And the fact is that when your feeling of hunger comes to play, you often crave less healthy things. We have therefore listed a number of snacks that you can enjoy in the evening with peace of mind.

Sweet Snack

When you have a real sweet tooth, but don’t want to venture into the sour mats and chocolate chip cookies, a banana is the perfect  late night snack . This one is nice and sweet, but is also full of fiber so that you can finally crawl into bed with a full stomach. By the way, any other kind of fruit is also a good idea.

Savory Snack

If your team is hearty, it is best to go for a handful of unsalted nuts in the evening. These contain many good fats and healthy nutrients such as calcium, magnesium and vitamin b. If you belong to the people who can never choose between sweet and savory, then chocolate-covered nuts are always a tasty and quite nutritious option. Preferably choose dark chocolate, because it contains less sugar.

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