Oops: It is Better to Unlearn These 5 Cleaning Habits

These Things Are Worse Than You Think

We like to maintain our house tidy and clean. But for that we really don’t have to walk through the house with cleaning agent every day. Some cleaning habits are even better to unlearn, because the following five things are worse than you might think. 

1. Mirror

Of course you want your mirror to be nice and clean. But that doesn’t mean you have to come running with a cloth for every fingerprint. If too much cleaning agent gets behind the mirror, you can get gray and green stains. And of course we don’t want that! Because these kinds of stains will never go away. So keep it to once a week.

2. Wash Clothes

Garments can be worn up to three times before they need to be put in the laundry basket. Of course, this does not apply to sportswear in which you have sweated a lot. With other items it is a shame to wash and dry them too often. Not only because the colors fade and the fabric becomes less, but also because your washing machine or dryer breaks down faster the more you use it.

3. Dishwashing Liquid

Do your plates, cups and cutlery come out of the dishwasher with food scraps? Flick bales! However, throwing extra detergent in the dishwasher is not the solution. This only leaves more dirt on the plates. This is because not all of the cleaning agent can be rinsed away. A better solution for very dirty items? Just rinse before putting them in the dishwasher. The rest is handled by the device!

4. Mopping

You need water to mop, but too much water is not good. This can affect your wooden floor. The water can seep under the floor if it is scratched or pitted, making your floor look worse. And of course you want to avoid that!

5. Detergent

Extra detergent won’t help get stains out of your clothes. Too much detergent will soak into your clothes, deteriorating the quality. Moreover, it starts to stink, instead of smelling fresh. So just stick to the amount stated on the bottle.

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