Attention: These 9 Foods Will Make You Even More Hungry

If You Want to Be Satiated Longer, It is Better Not to Choose These Foods

Have you just finished your delicious lunch, does a feeling of hunger come up again within an hour – recognizable? That may just be right, because some foods make you hungry again quickly. We list them.


Many people just grab an apple from the fruit basket when the feeling of hunger strikes. A very responsible snack, of course, but some are hungry again in no time. And that’s not surprising at all! A single apple contains many nutrients: from pectin to manganese and from amber acid to citric acid. All these substances stimulate your metabolism, so that your appetite is stimulated half an hour after eating an apple.

A metabolism that is stimulated sounds very nice, but apples do more than that. This round piece of fruit is also full of carbohydrates and these also ensure that you are not full for long. Carbohydrates are basically fast sugars and when your body has experienced this sugar peak, it already craves the next snack.


A sandwich for breakfast or lunch is part of many people’s daily routine. Bread is not necessarily unhealthy, but in some cases it does not satisfy your hunger well enough. White bread, for example, is digested quickly, causing your blood sugar to shoot up very quickly. It causes a sugar boost, which quickly makes you want to eat more. It is therefore better to go for a whole wheat sandwich with peanut butter!


Want to eat a quick bowl of cornflakes before you head out the door? It seems like a good idea in the morning, but you soon find out that you are still quite hungry. Dry cornflakes are quickly digested, so that you soon lose the ‘satisfied’ feeling. But, if you add some cottage cheese or milk, you’ll be fine again and if it’s good, nice and full.

Fruit Juice

Orange juice is delicious during breakfast. Especially when you’re on vacation, nothing beats a glass of fresh orange juice. However, this juice is not exactly hunger-quenching. It contains a lot of sugars, which gives you a sugar boost and makes you hungry for more food and therefore even hungrier. Therefore, choose real fruit such as a mandarin or an apple.

Energy Bars

Energy bars are often an easy option when you want to eat something quickly before exercising or at the end of the afternoon before dinner. However, they only help ‘temporarily’ to give you that extra energy. Do you really want to get rid of your hunger? Then you better go for a protein bar with fats and fibers.

Rice Crackers

A rice cake is a tasty snack, but they are not really filling. After all, they are very light, so you will probably be hungry again soon. There is a solution for this, because if you want to satisfy your hunger, you can invest the rice cake with, for example, chicken breast and cucumber.


Crackers are actually very light, just like rice cakes, which makes you hungry again quickly, unless you opt for a rich filling. They’re great as a snack, but don’t base your entire lunch on them because you’ll be hungry again in no time!

Chewing Gum

Chewing gum is not necessarily ‘real’ food, of course, but many people do take a piece of gum to have something ‘to chew’ so that they are less hungry. You guessed it: this obviously doesn’t work. In fact, it actually makes you hungrier. Your salivary glands are put to work by chewing gum, so your body thinks that something is already on its way to your stomach. A drink of water is therefore a better option.

Fast food

We all take a quick trip to McDonald’s or the local cafeteria when we’re hungry. Yet fast food is not at all useful to satisfy your hunger. You get a lot of energy and calories, but after an hour you’re actually hungry again. This is again due to the many sugars that are in it. It is therefore better to go for ‘healthy fast food’ such as vegetable fries or a cauliflower pizza.

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