5x the Dirtiest Places on the Plane

These Are the Most Unsanitary Places on the Plane

It’s mid-September, which means that the holidays are already over for many people. Do you still have a holiday left and are you flying to a faraway place in the late summer? We are jealous! However, maybe you shouldn’t read on, because if you want to know this… Research shows that the toilet is not the dirtiest place on the plane, The Today Show revealed a while ago.

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5. Aisle

aisle seat in flight

Many people choose, if possible, the spot by the window. Of course it’s nice to be able to see something during a flight! It now turns out that this is the cleanest chair available, so that is also an advantage. If that is not possible, we prefer the aisle seat. Also useful if you occasionally want to stand or go to the toilet. But guess what? The aisle seat is usually much dirtier than the other seats. This is because everyone grabs that headrest when they walk to the toilet. The result: there are many bacteria where your head rests. Bah.

4. Backrest

Most airplanes have a mesh or pocket in the backrest in front of your seat where you can put things such as your book or a magazine. If you have a slight fear of contamination, we do not recommend this! Many passengers use this bag as a waste bag in which they deposit used tissues, pampers and other waste. Because an aircraft has to be cleaned very quickly, a cloth is not always passed through this bag. So you can decide for yourself how dirty it can be. We prefer not to have bacteria from poopy diapers on our book…

3. Toilet

toilet in flight images

Many people think that the small room is the dirtiest room on the plane, but nothing could be further from the truth. Yes, it is dirty, but because the toilet is cleaned so regularly, it is not the dirtiest place. E. coli bacteria were found in various places in the toilet, such as on the flush button, in the sink and on the toilet seat. So wash your hands well.

2. Buttons

Travel Math ‘s research showed that the buttons you use to turn on the air conditioning are very dirty, dirtier than the flush button of the toilet. These buttons are therefore not cleaned regularly, but are often used with dirty fingers. The belts are also very dirty, after all, they are touched at least twice per flight

1.Fold-out Table

airplane is the fold-out table

The dirtiest part of an airplane is the fold-out table in the seat in front of you. And all while you put your food and drinks on it! Travel Math ‘s research showed that there were almost ten (!) times more bacteria on the table than in the toilet. Let that sink in for a moment… The bacteria include viruses that give you a cold and can even lead to vomiting and diarrhea. They also found MRSA, which causes skin infections. How it is possible that there are so many bacteria on this probably has to do with the fact that the cleaning service has little time to clean an airplane and therefore does not clean all the tables properly.

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What you can do is always carry a small bottle of antibacterial gel with you. This way you can disinfect your hands regularly. You should also never put food on the table in front of you, but always keep it in the plastic. And further? Don’t think about it too much and just enjoy your trip!

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