The 100 Most Popular English Dog Names in the World

For those who want to call their four-legged friend in an original way, here is a list of the 100 best English names for male and female dogs.

Surely it has happened to many dog ​​owners that, after calling their faithful companion to the park, more dogs than expected have mobilized: a French Bulldog, a Border Collie, or even two Poodles… And they are all called Ettore, Lessie or Achilles, three of the most popular names for dogs in Italy!

This could be a good reason if you don’t want the same thing to happen to you or if you simply want to be original when it comes to choosing a name for your pet . Here is the list of the 100 best English names for dogs for you !

The Best English Names for Dogs

English is one of the most spoken languages ​​in the world and is studied in schools in many countries. It is therefore quite normal to want to find a foreign name for your puppy.

Generally, English or American names for pets have a pleasant sound and sometimes a meaning that can be traced back to your dog or cat.

Do you know which are the most used English names for dogs? If you want to name your four-legged friend in an original way, take note of the list of the following most famous names for male and female dogs in Shakespeare’s language!

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English Names for Male Dogs

English Names for Male Dogs

In the following list you will find, listed from A to Z , 50 male English names for dogs that will certainly be right for you.

Let yourself be inspired by these appellations so you can find the name that best suits the characteristics of your faithful male friend.

1. Andy
2. Bailey
3. Bear
4. Bentleys
5. Buddy
6. Casey
7. Charlie
8. Cody
9. Cooper
10. Doggy
11. Duke
12. Elvis
13. Fluffy
14. Ginger
15. Gus
16. Harley
17. Henry
18. Hunter
19. Iron
20. Jack
21. Jackson
22. Jake
23. Joey
24. King
25. Lucky
26. Luke
27. Max
28. Milo
29. Murphy
30. Nice
31. Olivers
32. Oscars
33. Poppy
34. Quick
35. Rocky
36. Rudy
37. Sam
38. Sammy
39. Shadow
40. Sparky
41. Teddy
42. Toby
43. Tucker
44. Usher
45. Velvet
46. Winston
47. Warriors
48. Xander
49. Yard
50. Zeus

English Names for Female Dogs

English Names for Female Dogs

If you have adopted a dog and are looking for some ideas on a more suitable English name for your new and faithful friend, this list may be of help to you.

Listed alphabetically, these 50 English female dog names are sure to be just what you’re looking for!

1. Abby
2. Angel
3. Annie
4. Brandy
5. Casey
6. Chloe
7. Daisy
8. Dakota
9. Dixie
10. Enya
11. Funny
12. Ginger
13. Thank you
14. Holly
15. Honey
16. Iris
17. Jasmine
18. July
19. Katie
20. Lady
21. Lilly
22. Lucy
23. Madison
24. Maggie
25. Missy
26. Molly
27. Nanny
28. One
29. Penny
30. Pepper
31. Princess
32. Queen
33. Quickies
34. Rosie
35. Roxy
36. Ruby
37. Sandy
38. Sasha
39. Shelby
40. Sophie
41. Tiny
42. Universe
43. Violet
44. Wendy
45. Wonder
46. Xena
47. Yuki
48. Yasmine
49. Zoe
50. Zoey

Sure many of them, like cartoon-inspired dog names, sound familiar to you from hearing them often, which is why they’re so popular.

However, if you want your dog to have a really unusual and uncommon name, take a look at the names for dogs inspired by La Casa di Carta !

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How to Call a Dog?

Each dog has its own physical and behavioral characteristics, which is why it would be advisable to take some important aspects into consideration before choosing a name for your puppy.

These simple rules will allow you to make sure you don’t make mistakes in order to choose the right nickname:

  • opt for a name that is short, one to three syllables, and easy to remember;
  • Choose a word that is to your liking, harmonious and pleasant to pronounce;
  • Avoid commonly used words or names and nicknames of family members;
  • If you can, don’t change the name of your faithful friend: because a name is like a diamond, it’s forever! If you change it, your pet may get confused.

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