The 11 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds in the World (With Comments From the Cynologist)

Sometimes we consider animals as if they were our brothers, especially when talking about dogs. For this reason, we find it difficult to believe that such an intelligent and loving animal is capable of biting down a limb until it breaks off.

In fact, not all dogs are born with the instinct to bark cheerfully when someone approaches them. For this reason we have decided to compile the list of the most dangerous dog breeds.

11. American Pit Bull Terriers

American Pit Bull Terriers

It is a very combative race, which is capable of defeating and killing practically any type of enemy. If not trained properly, this dog can be extremely dangerous both for the owner himself and for the people around him. So you need to pay close attention!

The cynologist’s comment: The American Pit Bull Terrier is very popular in America. Due to its aggressive nature, the pit bull terrier (along with the English and American Staffordshire terriers) is considered one of the breeds that is excluded from international standards. 

In other words, specimens that are aggressive towards people and animals are excluded from dog shows and competitions and, moreover, cannot be bred. 

In Europe and the United States, this breed is only sold if spayed (if not, they are often euthanized).
However, many breeders don’t bother following standard procedures and this, combined with the fact that breeders often use people (rather than animals) as prey, only adds to the breed’s bad reputation. 
Stories about pit bull attacks are terrible, because it is almost impossible for such a dog, having captured its prey, to let it go. 

It is precisely for this reason that attempts have been made to decrease their aggressiveness genetically.

We talked about dogs used for fighting, which followed the standards of the FCI, but we must also talk about those dogs that have not suffered any violence from humans. Pit bull terriers and Staffordshire terriers can be naturally aggressive towards other animals (or not, if you’re lucky), but are not instinctively aggressive towards people. 

This tendency mainly depends on the breeders and trainers, therefore it is really difficult to predict with certainty whether a specimen will be aggressive or not. Although its aggression towards humans is an exception resulting from incorrect breeding, this breed is famous for being the focus of many attacks on people. Nevertheless, these dogs are only a small percentage of the entire breed.

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10. Rottweilers


Rottweilers, considered one of the most dangerous breeds, are faithful and obedient to their masters, as well as excellent guardians. The only way to survive a Rottweiler’s attack is to remain passive.

The cynologist’s comment: I have no notes on this description, because this type of dog is by nature extremely faithful and will be very kind towards children, provided they are part of the family; 
this is, in fact, a type of dog that doesn’t like to joke and above all doesn’t like strangers. 
For Rottweilers (especially males) it is difficult to distinguish a playful attack from an actual aggression, so it can happen that they bite an adult or a child even if only as part of a game.

9. German Shepherd

German Shepherd

The German shepherd is an intelligent breed and, precisely because of this characteristic, is often trained to catch criminals. If this type of dog is not stopped in time or if the captured person resists, a German shepherd can turn into an unscrupulous killer.

The cynologist’s comment: This breed isn’t considered to be hostile to people by itself. Despite being one of the breeds that law enforcement uses the most frequently, puppies must first go through training in order to demonstrate their obedience before being placed in service. They then specialize and receive training to assist the military in the escort or custody of a prisoner, or to follow tracks or patrol areas.

The German shepherd will grow up to be a calm and friendly dog towards his master’s friends, both at home and while out and about, if he has lived in a calm environment since he was a puppy, without being tormented or beaten. The Eastern European shepherd, its first cousin, is also covered by the same clause.

The German (or Eastern European) shepherd is one of the most obedient dogs and will follow his master’s commands without question, even if he has received defensive training. All it takes is a “boo!” or a “leave it!” for the dog to release whatever (or whomever) he had caught, though he will never lose sight of it and will always be prepared to reattach it by biting or catching. The dog will then leave the person alone if he hears the signal once more. In fact, this breed is among those that can be effectively controlled even at a distance.

The Caucasian and Central Asian shepherd dogs are the most troublesome breeds, and professional training is required to be able to control them. The only other choice would be to reside in a sparsely populated area to reduce the likelihood of someone accidentally entering their territory. They are practically impossible to stop once they begin attacking, which explains why law enforcement does not use them because the offenders would sustain too many injuries or might even be killed. And it is because of this that German shepherds have been employed for this type of work in numerous nations around the world for more than fifty years.

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8. German Boxer

German Boxer

The ancestors of the deutscher boxers did not fight each other, but were used to catch bulls and even bears; therefore, we recommend that you treat this type of dog and its owner very well.

The cynologist’s comment: Although the German boxer is a cross between a bullenbeisser, a mastiff and a bulldog, it was originally designed with the aim of being a docile and non-aggressive dog. This breed was officially registered in Monaco in 1896 and, even today, its characteristics remain practically unchanged. 

One of the fundamental traits of the German boxer is obedience: he is not particularly aggressive, can be trained easily and will see to his tasks, including keeping guard, as entertainment. If a person with bad intentions approaches him, therefore, he will take it as a game and the only way to free himself will be to stop fighting; only then will the dog let go. 

This game follows precise rules based on nature: there will be a stronger part that takes over the other that allows itself to be dominated. Due to its calm and non-aggressive nature, the German Boxer is often used as a guide dog by blind people: this task requires very difficult training, because the animal must be extremely calm.

Obviously there may be exceptions, but in general the German Boxer is absolutely not to be considered an aggressive or dangerous breed.

7. Doberman


Generally, the Doberman is a friendly dog, but one that will not hesitate to show its aggressive nature when its owner is in danger.

The cynologist’s comment: There are many things to say about this breed. First of all, it must be said that it is a fairly aggressive type of dog and can be dangerous for humans: it is very large and agile, with a particular way of attacking, which consists of running towards the prey, biting and then quickly moving away.
Unlike police dogs, it is in fact very difficult for this breed to attack repeatedly or not to let go of the prey. Dobermans who help the police usually work in pairs, because it is practically impossible to resist them, and they are not entrusted with the role of guardians because it would be too traumatic and cruel for them.

In conclusion, Dobermans are considered aggressive dogs because, in addition to what we have already said, they do not conceive the idea of ​​” violent play ” either towards themselves or towards their owner.

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6. Alaskan Malamute

Alaskan Malamute

It is a type of dog that, if annoyed and not trained well, is very difficult to calm and loses control easily. While you wouldn’t know it at first glance, the Alaskan weighs nearly 50 pounds and could easily outmaneuver a person in combat. 

The cynologist’s comment: Despite the resemblance to a wolf, this dog is really friendly and calm. 
Like sled dogs, this breed has always been bred to feel comfortable around people and other animals. 
The malamute, which is one of the oldest dogs and the symbol of the state of Alaska, is not suitable for serving in law enforcement because it is absolutely not aggressive towards humans.

5. Chow Chow

Chow Chow

Being hunters by nature, these ” balls of hair ” are able to dominate any type of man. These dogs are notorious for being very greedy, so it’s best to wait to be invited before entering their owner’s home. Don’t be fooled by its appearance, a Chow-chow won’t be kissed that easily and will dash your hopes of petting it. 

The cynologist’s comment: In the past, chow-chows were mistaken for shar pies, typical 
Chinese hunting, guarding and fighting dogs (given their wrinkled skin, which served as protection against attacks, it was difficult for them to they hurt). Chow-chows, on the other hand, were companion dogs and… dinner dogs. 

Traditionally, in fact, the Chinese love to eat dog meat and chow-chows were bred to become a delicacy. Naturally after centuries, these dogs have become accustomed to being in contact with humans and are not aggressive towards them.

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4. Canary Dog

Dogo Canario

The Dogo Canario was mainly used for hunting on a large scale, as well as for keeping livestock at bay. Due to the ease with which he was able to overpower his victims, he was famous for being a formidable opponent in dog fights. The only way he could be kept under control was by chaining him up and, in any case, the only ones who tried were the butchers. Making friends with a Dogo Canario is absolutely not easy, because they are incorruptible creatures. 

The cynologist’s comment: The Dogo Canario is used to control flocks and never attacks first: it is not an aggressive dog and only takes action if provoked. He is not suited to attacking under command, because he cannot understand why he should be aggressive towards anyone who does not attack him.
According to the standard, the Dogo Canario is stable, of a predominant nature and with a unflappable temperament, which tends to be very cautious (although not violent) towards humans.

3. Dalmatian


It is a guard dog, which is always ready to clear the path of everything and everyone, so as to let its owner pass. Most of these dogs are born deaf which is why they are impossible to train and will grow up wild and uncontrollable.

The cynologist’s comment: Dalmatians are not born deaf! 
Puppies have white fur, which becomes filled with spots as they grow and will not always be the same as they constantly change their fur. 

Apart from albinos, who have no spots and always remain white, Dalmatians are not born deaf. 
Albinism is a genetic disorder caused by a lack of melanic pigmentation in the skin, which is often linked to deafness. 

Dalmatian puppies, still white, are absolutely normal dogs that have no hearing problems.
These dogs are really complicated to train because they are very active and friendly, to the point that, during competitions, a shy and uncommunicative Dalmatian can even be disqualified. It is a challenge to try to explain to this breed that it should not run everywhere and try to make friends with everyone: this only underlines, however, the good intentions of this dog.

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2. Siberian Huskies

Siberian Huskies

In theory , this dog is friendly enough , but some people fear him because his resemblance to a wolf is undeniable. And it is this fear that threatens to trigger the instinct of this breed.

The cynologist’s comment: The Siberian husky was used as a sled dog and, just like a sled dog, it is very calm and calm (fundamental requirements for doing this kind of work). 
Similar to Eskimo dogs, huskies are extremely energetic and are capable of destroying an entire house if they are not walked enough. 

The Siberian husky is now also used as a companion and racing dog, as well as a sled dog. 
These are all activities in which the dog cannot show aggression, so it is not considered a dangerous breed , but it is still very difficult to train.

1. Black Russian Terrier

Black Russian Terrier

Developed between the 1920s and 1930s, this is the only existing breed that was bred specifically to hunt humans. The black terrier was created by the Soviet Union to guard prisoners in prison camps : the goal of this dog was to ensure that prisoners did not escape, even at the cost of killing them.

The repression of the 1930s unfortunately tolerated this type of treatment. 

Today the Russian black terrier is recognized by the FCI and many people appreciate it, but first-time owners are not advised to choose this dog. They are excellent guardians, the problem arises when an ill-intentioned person is attacked, because it will be practically impossible to stop the attack of a black Russian terrier (or any other type of terrier). Secondly, this is a breed that likes to be in charge and will seek to be the dominant personality at home. Despite this, he will continue to protect his master from strangers, albeit in his own way.

Training these dogs is very difficult and, at the same time, very interesting. It will be easier, of course, if a person already has experience training especially large dogs.

If you come across a black Russian terrier in the company of his master (adult or child) , you better behave yourself, because you won’t come out on top in case of conflict.

We know that there are breeds that have been bred under certain conditions, so as to grow with a specific purpose ; this purpose can range from playing ball, keeping tabs on livestock, and hunting. Today, a dog’s behavior depends solely on the care and love with which it is raised. And this is why if they are abandoned or ignored, dogs usually go back to behaving like their ancestors, who lived in more difficult conditions than now. This error must therefore be absolutely avoided, especially if the dog in question is one of those mentioned above.

So what is the breed that is really dangerous to people?

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