Ah! This is the Best Thing to Eat Before and During the Flight

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You often spend quite a few hours at the airport before you actually start your flight. All the food and drink on offer is quite tempting and there is a huge amount of choice. But what is the best thing to eat before you fly? And on the plane itself? We update you. 

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Lots of Choice

It can be incredibly tempting to get something to eat before you get on the plane. And that is of course not bad at all. But what’s the best food to eat? Sandwiches, fast food, chocolate, chips, smoothies: there is an awful lot of choice at an airport. Of course you should choose something that you feel like, but you also want to avoid getting a huge stomach ache on board. That’s why we’re sharing what’s best to eat before and during a flight.

Before Flying

We’ll get straight to the point: it’s best to skip fatty and fried meals or snacks before boarding a plane. As delicious as it is (and smells), this is not the best choice. Fatty and fried food is difficult to digest and can cause heartburn – not something you want at the start of your holiday. You can also skip broccoli, beans and onions. The air pressure on board can give you an extra bloated feeling. The same applies to carbonated soft drinks and chewing gum.

You can then eat a richly filled salad or wrap full of proteins. This is not heavy on the stomach, but it does give you a feeling of satiety.

While Flying

Are you on the plane for a long time? Then of course you get food and otherwise you might want to order something yourself. First of all, it is extremely important to drink enough during your flight. And by that we mean at least 250 milliliters per hour. In terms of airplane meals, it is best to go for the vegetarian option. These are more nutritious and easier to digest. And we hardly dare to say it, but you better skip the desserts. They are often packed with sugar, which causes a drop in your blood sugar afterwards. Still fancy something sweet? A piece of fruit is always a good idea!

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