How to Fix a Leaking Toilet?

Constantly Flowing Flush: What to Do?

Fixing a toilet water leak is important, despite the fact that it could seem like a minor concern. It’s crucial for your peace of mind, the environment, and your cash (just think about your water costs). WC leaks are covert, as opposed to a dripping tap that is audible and visible. Even though they aren’t always visible, they can squander more than 600 liters of water daily.

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In a Nutshell, How Does a Toilet Flush Work?

Almost all flushing mechanisms are based on a float that slides on a vertical axis (a metal rod) that stops the tank supply when the target water level is reached. And so it is he who is usually the cause of the problem. It may not be necessary to call in an expert to fix this problem, and even if you’re not very handy, you can often fix the malfunction on your own . 

It is important to take into account that in rental management, before wanting to make repairs yourself, and even if they seem simple to you, it is better to ask your manager.

Leaking Toilet Flush: What Should I Check?

  • Open the lid of the tank (just unscrew the push button) and lay it down carefully (the ceramic is fragile)
  • Check if the float is well adjusted or if it is damaged (test)
  • Check to see if any of the seals appear to be deteriorated
  • Also check if the tank has no cracks

How to Adjust the Float When the Toilet Flushes Continuously?

In most cases, the float is assumed to slide along a rod. Take a test and check that everything is working normally. It may happen that, for lack of a good adjustment , the float ends its rise beyond the “overflow”, causing a permanent flow and a high water consumption. To solve this problem, simply adjust the height of the float at the end of its travel by screwing or unscrewing the rod to which it is attached. 

Flushing Toilet: What if the Problem is Not With the Float?

Toilet Flushes Continuously

When the float is not called into question, the problems of flow very often come from an excess of limestone at the level of the joints, the rod to which the float is hung or at the level of the valve which retains the water. 

In any case, you can try to treat the problem by pouring white vinegar into the tank. If this is not enough, then you will need to call in a professional.

What should I do if the flushing mechanism is heavily encrusted or even damaged? Beyond a certain level of wear , it becomes much better to change the entire mechanism. For this, it is better to ask a plumber who will guarantee you a quality installation and will make the adjustments.

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How Much Does Fixing a Leaky Toilet Cost?

As an indication, and without taking into account any specificities, we can consider that to have a complete flushing mechanism replaced , it is necessary to plan a budget of approximately 130 to 150 euros excluding tax, supply, installation and movement included. For a simple descaling or the replacement of a joint, plan 85 to 90 euros HT.

1. How to Avoid Paying Much More?

It is sometimes difficult for a service provider to give you a price in advance until they are on site. To avoid a bad surprise , ask him to tell you nevertheless in advance: the cost of the trip (between 20 and 45 euros if it is the province or Ile-de-France) and the cost hourly (generally between 70 and 100 euros before tax). Spare parts being inexpensive, by knowing these two items, you will avoid a bad surprise. 

2. Owner or Tenant: Who Pays?

According to the decree n°87-712 of August 26, 1987, minor repairs and routine maintenance are the responsibility of the tenant while the more important works are the responsibility of the owner – but there are many subtleties. This is the reason why the replacement of seals and collars, the unclogging of a toilet as well as the cleaning of limescale deposits are generally the responsibility of the tenant, while the replacement of a shut-off valve in the toilet is generally the responsibility of the owner. 

Each case must be analyzed in such a way as to take into account in particular contextual elements – such as the date of entry into the premises of the tenant. It is therefore best to call on your rental management manager who will provide you with a precise answer. 

How Long Does It Take to Repair a Toilet Flush?

For a continuous flushing problem, you are entitled to request an intervention within 48 hours. And remember of course to turn off the water while waiting for the intervention. 

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Leaking Toilet Flush: Expert Advice

Leaking Toilet Flush: Expert Advice

If your tank is severely scaled up and you don’t want to replace the mechanism or hire a plumber, you’ll need to take apart both the tank and the mechanism, replace the junction joint that connects the tank to the bowl (you can find these joints in all DIY stores), and give the mechanism a hot water and white vinegar bath.

It’s not difficult, but you need to be a decent handyman and have the proper equipment, which not everyone can afford. Because a tank is delicate, take extra caution not to harm anything when performing this task. It is preferable to call a professional if in doubt.

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