This Way You Prevent Your Hair Dryer From Catching Fire

Better to Prevent a Case Than to Cure It

A hair dryer catching fire: it sounds like something that would never happen to you. Yet it happens more often than you think, with all its consequences. Fortunately, there are several measures you can take to prevent further escalation if a fire does occur. And perhaps even more importantly: how do you prevent a fire caused by a hair dryer in the first place?

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Keep the Hair Dryer Clean

Prevent your hair dryer from catching fire by keeping it clean. Due to frequent use, the grille at the back can become quite dirty. You can solve this by removing the grille from the hairdryer and wiping it thoroughly with a damp cloth. Please note: allow the grille to dry thoroughly before replacing it and using the hair dryer again. Otherwise, you run the risk of causing a short circuit.

With some hair dryers, it is not possible to remove the back. In this case, you can first try to brush away as much dirt and dust as possible with a toothbrush. You can then use a skewer to remove the remaining dirt.

Overheating or Damaged Cord

It is completely normal for a hair dryer, like many other electrical appliances, to heat up when you use it. However, the hairdryer must be able to dissipate the heat well. If this is not possible, the hair dryer will overheat and could catch fire. This happens, for example, when hair products or dust remain on the hair dryer. So again: keep the hair dryer clean!

The hair dryer can also catch fire if there is damage to the cord. The cord can naturally wear out over time. You can prevent this by not twisting the cord too tightly around the hair dryer when you store it. The heat from the hairdryer can damage the cord.

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Still a Fire?

If a fire or smoke occurs while you are using the hair dryer, it is important to first pull the plug from the socket. This often causes the flame to go out. It is then important to place the hair dryer in a place where the risk of fire is small. Consider, for example, the sink or on the floor. If the flame still does not go out, grab a fire extinguisher.

Have you ever experienced a home fire? If yes, tell us how you came up with the solution.

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