8 Things You Can Clean With Lemon

You Don’t Need Expensive Cleaning Products for These Jobs

Not only are cleaning products sometimes quite expensive, but they also contain all kinds of chemicals that you do not always want to use and do not need for your cleaning jobs. A natural remedy that you can use for many household chores is lemon. Curious about what you can clean with lemon? Read along! 

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1. Burnt Pan


Lemon, just like baking soda, is a  must to have at home. Especially when it comes to cleaning. How it works: Cut a lemon into quarters and put them in a pan of boiling water. Let the lemon boil for five to ten minutes and then clean the pan thoroughly. The acids in the lemon make the spots disappear like snow in the sun. A nice bonus: it makes your house smell nice!

2. Smelly Water Bottle

Bottle hasn’t been cleaned for a little too long? Soak your bottle overnight in water with a little lemon juice! The acidity in this kills microorganisms such as fungi, bacteria, and other causes of bad odors. Then wash your bottle thoroughly with a cleaning agent and voilà, it smells nice and fresh again!

3. Circles on Your Induction Hob

Cut a lemon in half and dip half of it in baking soda. Make sure that half a lemon is well covered with the baking soda. Then rub the burned circles with the lemon and the baking stuff and press it well, so that lemon juice is released and the area becomes thoroughly wet. Squeeze the lemon completely over the circle at the end. Baking soda and lemon juice work like a miracle cure because they start to foam on their own. Let this sit for fifteen minutes and wipe it clean with a dry microfiber cloth and a tea towel. You will see that the circles disappear automatically on the induction plate. How nice!

4. Discolored Wooden Ladles

A good tip to get your wooden ladles clean again is with coarse sea salt and lemon juice. Sprinkle the wooden ladles with sea salt and then rub them with the juice of a lemon. You can do this with two halved lemons. Let it absorb for a while and then rinse with water and dishwashing liquid.

5. Yellow Sweat Stains on White Clothes

The juice of a lemon is not only very good for many things around the house, but you can also use it to remove yellow stains from clothing. Before washing the garment, add a glass of lemon juice to the liquid detergent. Then set your usual washing program and your clothes will come out of the machine radiantly white and lemon-fresh.

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6. Cutting Board

We often use cutting boards to cut meat and vegetables. Unfortunately, this sometimes also causes unpleasant odors! Rubbing half a lemon on the cutting board kills bacteria and eliminates odors. Very handy!

7. Microwave

Use a lemon to get rid of your dirty oven. Add the juice of 1 lemon and lemon peels to a bowl of water and heat for 4 minutes. Use the heated lemon water to clean the inside of the microwave.

8. Rust Stains From Clothing or Shoes

You can easily remove a rust stain using a golden combination of home remedies that you probably already have in the kitchen: lemon and salt. What you do is the following: mix one tablespoon of lemon juice with two teaspoons of salt and rub this mixture over the stain. After approximately an hour, leave it on and rinse it off. Then wash the garment on a suitable washing program, and voila, it comes out of the washing machine clean and rust-free.

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