The Largest Dog Breeds

Dogs are the favorite pets of millions of people around the world. Many opt for small breeds that need little care and space. However, others choose larger dog breeds , either by simple preference and personal taste, or for specific needs such as herd and property care .

The strength and power of these breeds draws the attention of thousands of breeders around the planet, who strive to keep their genetic purity intact, as well as to develop new large crossbreds .

The Largest Dog Breeds in the World

Despite the fact that in many countries large breed dogs are considered dangerous, there is no shortage of those who love to breed these impressive specimens of beauty . If you plan to include one as a new member for your family or for the care of your property , you will be interested in knowing which are the largest breeds of dogs.

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1. Great Dane

With a mainly German origin, this breed from Europe is among the largest and best known in the world. It is not for less, since it is classified as a giant dog breed, being able to measure more than 85 cm tall and weigh between 54 and 90 kilograms .

A characteristic feature of these dogs is their slim build, with long legs and a pronounced muzzle . Unfortunately, its immense proportions also make it one of the dog breeds with the highest predisposition to disease, achieving a life expectancy of between 8 to 10 years of age.

2. Komondor

From Hungary arose one of the most curious great breeds of dogs in the world. With a long coat that spreads and falls in tufts or dreadlocks, the Komondor is a guard and herding dog that demonstrates courage , protection, intelligence, and obedience if properly raised from puppyhood.

With its imposing size of between 64 and 76 cm in height , and body mass that can reach 60 kg , this dog does not hesitate for a second to face even wolves for the protection of its flock. In addition, its characteristic fur allows it to blend in with the sheep it guards. On average they can live between 10 and 12 years with optimal care.

3. Irish Wolfhound

Considering that they are also known under the name of “Irish Wolfhound”, you will already get an idea of ​​the greatness and presence of these dogs. They are old enough to be mentioned by Julius Caesar in his accounts of the Gallic Wars, and  for centuries they have defended property and animals from various predators.

It is in the giant breed category, weighing up to 55 kilograms and exceeding 85 cm in height . Their musculature, agility and courage are such that they have also been used to hunt Irish elk, an animal that is twice their height. It is only lamented that the life expectancy of this breed is only 6 to 8 years.

4. Mastiffs

There are records of mastiffs from the 2nd century BC, and today there are 8 different varieties. But the Neapolitan Mastiff and the Tibetan Mastiff (also known as the Tibetan Mastiff) are the two largest varieties of this breed of dog.

It is common for them to be used as watchdogs, especially for houses and other properties. The maximum height that they can reach in their adulthood between 70 cm to 77 cm , while the weight ranges from 68kg to 86kg, depending on whether it is female or male. It should be noted that the Neapolitans have short hair, highlighting the musculature they can reach, while the Tibetans have long and dense hair, which helps them look more intimidating and imposing.

5. Newfoundland Dog

Another giant dog breed is the Newfoundland dog, also known as the “gentle giant,” given its tendency to be docile and affectionate despite its imposing size . In fact, it is a dog that gets along quite well with children, which is why they are used to care for homes and families.

Adult males can weigh 60-70 kg and be 69-74 cm tall . Although they need large spaces to move freely, they require little physical activity to stay balanced and stress-free. Their main problem is that they can only live between 8 and 10 years. It is worth mentioning that they are originally from Canada. If you want to know more about him, in this article we tell you everything about this breed. 

6. Saint Bernard

It is enough to know its ancestry to know that the Saint Bernard is definitely one of the largest dog breeds in the world . It originates from the Swiss Alps and northern Italy, and is descended from such large breeds as the Tibetan Mastiff, the Great Dane, the Newfoundland and the now extinct Alpine Mastiff.

It can reach a height of up to 90 cm , which is slightly higher than the Great Dane, but does not exceed it in body mass, whose maximum values ​​can be around 82 kg in the case of males. Their life expectancy is equally short, between 8 to 10 years. He is a good watchman for houses and families with children, since he is affectionate, intelligent and very faithful. If you want to know how to care for a Saint Bernard, in this article we explain everything to you.

7. Russian Black Terrier

One of the largest dog breeds in the world is the Black Russian Terrier, whose main characteristic is its long dark fur, which hides its rustic and muscular complexion . They originate from Eurasia, mainly from Russia.

It is a dog used to work and very active, so they need a large space where they can be raised and constant outdoor outings. Specifically, they can measure between 64 and 72 cm in height , weighing between 45 and 68 kg .

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Larger Breeds of Dogs, Height or Weight?

Taking into account a balance between height and weight is the best option when it comes to looking for large breed dogs, since both variables are essential to optimally fulfill the functions of guardian and watchman.

In case you want a large dog for simple aesthetic taste, it must be considered that the tallest ones demand more physical activity , especially outdoors, where they can stretch their long legs. On the other hand, heavier dogs require special care with their diet, avoiding being overweight and accumulating large amounts of energy that they will not be able to burn later and, consequently, may end up suffering from stress.

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