For These Reasons, Men Lose Weight Faster Than Women

Yep, That Feels Unfair

Anyone who wants to lose weight for whatever reason knows that it is easier to lose weight if you do it with someone. But are you trying to go on that adventure with a man as a woman? Then you often notice that it seems to go much easier for him. How?

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More Muscles

The male body versus the female body: there are quite a few differences to mention. And while a woman can certainly be just as muscular as a man, it takes more effort. Men naturally have a larger muscle mass and they also easily build muscle mass. And more muscle mass? That means you burn more calories. So does a man eat exactly the same as a woman? Then that person burns the calories faster, so that men lose weight faster.

Higher Fat Percentage

Don’t compare your progress too much to a man’s. Women naturally have more fat. For that reason, the fat percentage of a woman may also be higher than that of men. For men, between 7 and 25 percent is a healthy fat percentage. However, if a woman’s fat percentage were 15 percent – ​​which is healthy for a man – then she would have a much too low fat percentage. Women should have a fat percentage between 21 and 36 percent.

Weight Training

Now we can hear you sulking: great. Now it is certainly not the case that your waste attempt is doomed to fail. It just takes a little longer. Do you want to boost your metabolism? Then it is important to do strength training. This allows you to build more muscles and therefore you burn more calories even when you are not exercising. Plus, it’s never wrong to have some extra body strength!


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