Why Your Phone is the Best Fitness Coach You’ve Never Met

This Makes Exercising Fun and Easy!

Of course, you have known for a long time that exercise is good for you, but it is not always easy to make time for the gym. Then you also have to find the motivation and know what exactly to do there. Fortunately, you have a great fitness coach who can help you make exercise fun and easy, and you may already know each other. Curious about who it is? Your smartphone of course! You have of course known for a long time that a smartphone is more than just a telephone.

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Why an iPhone is the Perfect Fitness Coach?

Of course, your iPhone is already your most used item in everyday life, but your iPhone should also be your best friend at the gym. An iPhone gives you access to many useful tools that can make your journey to health and a fit body a lot easier. You have very useful apps with training schedules, apps to track your calories, and apps to keep track of all your workouts. Just what you need to keep yourself motivated and achieve your goals.

Access to Thousands of Fitness Apps

Measuring is knowing: a popular saying of personal trainers and rightly so! If you want to train effectively, you have to keep track of what you do. And that can be done very nicely and easily with your phone. You can keep track of your daily steps, track how many calories you consume, and see how many calories you burn during exercise by linking your smartwatch to your phone. 

Even if you are just starting to exercise and need some help with a good training schedule, you have come to the right place in the App Store. There is no shortage of choice, all you have to do is choose.

Measuring is Knowing: Easily Track Your Calories

You have to look at how many calories come in and how many calories are burned. If you want to gain muscle or weight, you have to make sure you take in more than you burn. If you want to lose some kilos, it is exactly the other way around. That makes sense, right? But this is where things often go wrong. It is very difficult to visually estimate how many calories you consume or burn. 

This is often viewed too optimistically or pessimistically. An app like MyFitnessPal makes tracking calories super easy, so you know for sure whether or not you are doing well. You can then track your workouts and steps to make sure you know how many calories you’re burning. You can keep track of this for a while to see if you are on track to achieving your goals. You may not see enough results after a while, so you may need to adjust your diet or training slightly.

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The Best Support: a Tailor-made Training Plan

If you are just starting with fitness, it can be quite exciting when you enter the gym. If you see a lot of scary equipment and serious muscles, then it is logical that you become a little insecure. You don’t know what to do with all those devices and you feel a bit awkward. It is then very important to remember that everyone started exactly like you. You really won’t be judged if you don’t know it yet. A training plan is a great support if you are just starting to train. You will receive a schedule with the exercises you need to do, including the number of sets and reps. Perfect for some extra confidence and support for those first few gym sessions.

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